Mistras Group
NDE/Welding Engineer
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NDT.org Job Number: 12375 * Please reference NDT.org Job Number on all correspondence
Contact: Natasha Inzarkina
Company: PRC "Career - Holdings"
Contact: Natasha Inzarkina
Country: Kazakhstan
Length: 1 year contract
Pay: not less than 70 000 GBP per year
28/28 days rotation in Kazakhstan
To implement the incumbent functions, NDE and Welding Engineer must:

Perform routine surveillance, inspection and monitoring of the NDE and Welding Activities carried out on the Construction sites of the company's and/or Contractor’s work shops. Ensure implementation of all requirements of relevant Codes & Standards, Welding Specifications, and Method Statements.

Ensure the quality of products / consumables / materials comply with requirements of established Standards & Specifications.

Ensure all the personnel employed and operating in welding and NDE activities is duly skilled and qualified in accordance with the applicable specifications, codes and regulations.

Ensure that all the utilized equipment and consumables are of the appropriate and approved/certified type and there are in a good status of maintenance and sufficient in number.

Follow and assists the Contractors on the process of issuing, qualifying and implementing their NDE and welding procedures in accordance with approved relevant technical documents.

Ensure the Inspection & Test Plan of each activity is fulfilled and “hold points” of the company's team are completed in due time.

Systematically inspects Contractors work shops and construction sites and report / advise any problem concern regarding HSE in particular for NDE and welding activity.

Assist Contractor to implement their HSE in full compliance with the company's – HSE policy.

Coordinate and supervise NDE and welding inspectors’ teams during peaks of workloads in cases of planned/unplanned shutdowns and urgent/emergency activities.

Prepare and carry out training for the company's national NDE and welding inspectors as well as for Contractor’s welders and inspectors. Ensure continuous training on the job by close mentoring of the company's people. Inspect and assist Contractor during qualification of welders.

Review / comment Work Packs, Procedures, Specification and other project technical documentation, including Contractor’s documentation, regarding NDE and Welding. Actively participate in maintaining and upgrading of this documentation in compliance with Codes, Rules and industry best practices.

Audit, inspect equipment of Contractors. Advice and assist Contractors in maintaining and upgrading their equipment to ensure high quality job. Trouble shooting.

Specialised Higher Education

Valid certificate for at least two NDE methods (RT, UT, MPI, DP)

Must be an AWS (or equivalent) Certified Welding Inspector

Valid certificate for at least ASNT level II (or equivalent) for all NDE methods (Level III highly preferred)

General procedures and practices for NDE and welding performance during construction and personnel qualification

The company's – HSE policy and procedures

Must have a thorough understanding and be able to interpret local and international codes (ASME, API, NACE, GOST, SNIP)

Must be familiar and have past experience with inspection and repair of service piping and vessels in accordance with API 510 and 570.
Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment