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NDT.org Job Number: 12567 * Please reference NDT.org Job Number on all correspondence
Contact: Rich
Phone: (407) 737-2109
Fax: (407) 382-9223
Company: CDI Business Solutions
State: FL Florida
Contact: Rich
Country: United States
Length: 6 Months +
Pay: Commensurate with experience
We require an individual capable of successful certification as a level II in three methods.
The first method must be Radiography or Eddy Current, if they have both the third would be a surface inspection method such as (VT,MT, or PT) .
If only RT or ET than the second would need to be UT or IR (Infrared) with the third as a surface method.
In both these methods the inspector must be capable of developing, writting, and documenting an inspection technique.
The candidate must demonstrate good/acceptable communication skills verbally and in written form.
Verbal skills will be measured based on logic responses to problem solving questions. Experiencing of writting skills should be presented as techniques or NDE reports completed.
Examples must be presented prior to interviews being conducted.

Computer literacy must be demonstrated, all work will be completed on a lap top. Proficiency at Word, Excel, Power Point (Microsoft Office in general), Workstation for image enhancements and digital image storage and transfer, generic Siemens databases for work requests and data storage will be required. Training will be provide as necessary to demonstrate access and navigation through these databases.

Travel will be minimal but the individual must have a credit card or appropriate funding to allow travel requirements (Hotel stays, airline purchases, car rentals.)
Individual must posses a valid drivers license.

Salary is comensurate with experience and certification potential,