Vizaar Vuman E3
Quality Test Specialist 2 (Non-Destructive Test) - 07-1000737
This job is closed Job Number: 15645 * Please reference Job Number on all correspondence
Company: The Boeing Company
State: WA Washington
Country: United States
Candidates must be, or must be able to be, certified in accordance with NAS410 and EN4179, level II, UT requirements. Experience with automated NDI equipment is a must. A total of 5 years experience inspecting and evaluating aerospace composite structures, using ultrasonic techniques, is strongly desired. Candidates must also have knowledge of carbon fiber reinforced composite manufacturing and post cure evaluation. Candidate will: Perform Ultrasonic qualitative and/or quantitative tests or evaluations of products, processes, equipment, and measurement systems to support company quality requirements. Collect, interpret, and evaluate the data relative to engineering or project requirements. Produce test and performance reports. Determine and record material review dispositions for nonconforming materials, parts, and equipment. Calibrate, certify, and maintain equipment used in the testing and analysis of products, raw materials, in-process materials, or other samples. Assist in determining root cause and support recommendations for the implementation of corrective actions necessary to reduce or eliminate product or process nonconformance. Ensure configuration management of processes. Develop statistical process improvement procedures.
Apply knowledge of metallurgy, electricity, and physics to develop, evaluate, and implement new methods, equipment, or equipment applications for nondestructive tests.
Adaptability/Flexibility: The ability to show resilience in response to constraints, frustrations and/or adversity. Ability to adjust priorities to multiple demands and unanticipated events as well as adjust decisions and actions to new information. Ability to be flexible in response to changing circumstances or conditions, be receptive to feedback and coaching, and be resilient after failures or disappointments.

Problem Solving/Judgment: Gathers, examines, and interprets information from different sources to generate effective solutions to problems and make sound business decisions; generates alternate approaches to solving problems when needed; demonstrates awareness of the likely consequences or implications of judgments. Generates and implements new and useful ideas; ideas reflect 'thinking outside the box'; explores alternatives; takes risks and tries new approaches.
People Working Together: Effectively participates in accomplishing team goals; encourages learning from one another; creates group cohesion; gives and seeks specific, constructive feedback; works effectively with other work groups; values the contribution of people from diverse backgrounds; involves others in decisions that affect them.

Quality: Delivers products and services that consistently meet or exceed expectations with little or no rework required; uses metrics and tools to manage quality and identifies root causes; strives for continuous quality improvements. Meets goals and objectives based on job expectations; evaluates progress toward goals and makes adjustments as necessary; uses time and resources effectively; eliminates unnecessary work and activities that do not add value; produces value-added contributions; strives for more efficient work processes.

Bachelor's degree and typically 2 to 4 years related work experience or a Master's degree with up to 2 years related work experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


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