Potential Trainers
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NDT.org Job Number: 19683 * Please reference NDT.org Job Number on all correspondence
Contact: Brian Browne
Phone: +441206255042
Fax: +441206255042
Company: CCL Recruitment International
Contact: Brian Browne
Country: Saudi Arabia
Length: 12 Month Renewable
Pay: TBA
UK Nationals Only, for visa purposes, Interviews within one Month, by Video Confrence from London.

POTENTIAL SKILLS TRAINERS (Mechanical, Oil Operations, Drilling,Safety,Process E or I,)

I have many vacancies for Skilled Artisans, who have had at least 5 years experiance in the Oil/Gas Sectors. Vacancies are with Saudi ARAMCO/HAKA, Saudi Arabia. YOU NEED NOT HAVE TRAINED BEFORE as Aramco will train you to train there nationals, and you will have opened a new career path for yourself, we will of course be interested in qualified trainers, what we are looking for are well skilled candidates who would be interested to train others,a benefit is you will be able to add other skills to your career, and with time go on to other opportunities.

Please note the following information:

The employment will be with Saudi ARAMCO, through H.A.K. Algahtani. H.A.K. Algahtani will be your sponsor. The location will probably be Eastern Province at Dhahran, although it could be other Aramco facilities. Work is mainly Classroom training not Field.

An outline of the contract is as follows:
Salary – is set by Aramco at Interview, and will be TAX FREE +/- £2250 pm, + year BONUS + some O/T over 40 hrs. Your level of experience and quals in your discipline are what salary criteria are, and salary is set by Aramco, some experianced candidates age, and quals, will be offered more than candidates who have had only 5 years experiance, but as I am only the agent,only Aramco can set the salary on Interview. Salaries are paid in Pounds Sterling, exchange rates in your favour.
IN Addition to Salary
Contract duration - one year renewable
Single status – although company will sponsor your wife at your cost..
Leave periods are paid. (3 in all)
First field leave: 12 days leave, plus 2 travel days with a return economy class air ticket to London.
Second field leave: 12 days leave, plus 2 travel days with a return economy
Class air ticket to London.
End of contract leave: after completion of 12 months contract you win be entitled for 12 days leave, plus 2 travel days with economy class air ticket to point of origin and back if re-contracted.
Plus public holidays approx 8 days

Food allowance - 900SR per month. This is not payable whilst on vacation.
Accommodation - provided by H.A.K. Algahtani or you can receive 1,700SR per month allowance (not both). Again, this is not payable whilst on vacation.
Transportation - company provided or 400SR per month if you have your own car.
Medical - in-Kingdom medical treatment will be the company’s responsibility.
Severance award - 15 days salary for each completed year of service.
Hours/work- 40hrs approx per week, thereafter overtime is paid.


Most British Expats live in Euro Village or Tamimi Facilities, which is highly secured 24/7 accommodations, are normally private studio apartments with your own private quarters, sharing utilities and car.

When Aramco approves your application and you are invited to attend interview, you will be
Contacted and arrangements will be made with you for Interview in London. Travel expenses for the interview will be reimbursed for economy rail/air fare and taxi's etc, expenses will not be paid unless you provide receipts. Please ensure that you forward all your travel receipts by post within TWO WEEKS after your interview. These will then be sent to Saudi Arabia, failure to comply with the two-week limit will mean your expenses will not be processed.

Package Overview EXAMPLE ONLY

Tax free Salary ( UK Equiv around £32000 @ Minimum) plus flights, housing, paid leave, food allowance, and transport.( UK Equiv around £28,000 @ Minimum) = UK Equiv Package of £60,000

As the package is mostly “All Found” Salaries are considered to be mostly disposable Income.

It’s much cheaper to live in Saudi than the UK, so potential for savings are greater.
Basic Artisan qualifications, such as City & Guilds upwards,

Plus at least 5 years practical Experiance.