Fluid & Cement Superintendent (Angola)
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NDT.org Job Number: 25235 * Please reference NDT.org Job Number on all correspondence
Company: Stexco, Inc.
Country: Angola
Scope of the SERVICE:

The scope of the SERVICE consists in:

The Fluids & Cement Superintendent reports to the Head of the Fluids & Cement Department.

This SERVICE encompasses mainly the following activities:

The Fluids and cement Superintendent is in charge of Drilling and Completion Fluids, Cement and Drilling Wastes.
-He shall prepare the fluids, cement and drilling wastes programs in liaison with the Head of Fluids leader or Drilling engineer.
-He must be able to adapt the programs whenever needed and to propose solutions to overcome technical difficulties or improve operations.
-He shall verify that fluids characteristics are in line with the fluids program and the requirements of drilling operation, and make sure that the Service Company Fluids engineer is properly doing such analysis. He will take all necessary actions to bring characteristics back to the required specifications.
-He is in charge of preparing cement jobs and supervising their implementation by the relevant service Company (laboratory tests and calculations).
-He is responsible for the implementation of the drilling waste treatment plan and shall take all necessary actions to correct or improve performances of same. He shall make sure that everything is done according COMPANY rules and /or local regulations regarding the environment.
-He is responsible for maintaining a sufficient stock of fluids material, bulk cement and cement additives on board all the time including safety stocks. He shall verify in the morning report that all stocks are in line with quantity specified in the mud program.
-He shall go on the rig site whenever needed to assist the site engineers to overcome fluids/cement/drilling problems.

-The Superintendent will work with all aspects of cementing and drilling fluids in the field of operations. This might involve up to 4 drilling rigs in operation at the same time.

-The Fluids and cement Superintendent is responsible to validate the fluids, cement and drilling wastes sections of the daily report and to follow up the daily consumption and associated daily cost.
-He shall be familiar with the report form of the Subsidiary (Wellview data base) and shall be familiar with the use of Excel and Word software. He is in charge to provide the final fluids, cement and waste treatment reports, phase reports and associated costs.
-He shall verify that all job tickets related to fluids, cement and waste treatment are in line with the proposed invoices and with the contracts in force.
-Assist in the reparation and evaluation of tenders and bid requests, both commercial and technical. Make recommendations on vendor selection for various components of the fluids, cement and waste treatment systems.
-Active participation in the transfer of knowledge between rigs, FCP and also training of Cadets. Regular performance feedback of CADETS.
REQUIRED SKILLS for the execution of the SERVICE

Position requires Technician with minimum of 10 years experience in the oil and gas industry, with the majority being in the area of fluids and well construction.
Candidate should have:
-Broad knowledge of drilling fluids, completion fluids, and cement slurry design and testing. Areas of knowledge should include fluid selection and application, hydraulics modelling, fluid chemistry, clay chemistry, lab testing, and environmental regulations as they apply to fluids.
-Experience in fluid cost estimating and evaluation, as well as tender and bid response preparation.

Candidate should be highly motivated, self-directed, and must have the ability to interface with people well, both internally and externally.

Mandatory certification
The F&C Superintendent shall be IWCF certified.
The F&C Superintendent shall have its survival certificate valid to go offshore.

The F&C Superintendent shall be fluent in English (spoken and written).