Branch Manager / RSO and Radiographer
This job is closed Job Number: 55279 * Please reference Job Number on all correspondence
Contact: Nancy Hernandez
Phone: 713-893-0614
Company: Desert NDT
State: ND North Dakota
Contact: Nancy Hernandez
Country: United States
Coordinates, supervises and manages the branch’s employees at various field locations. Also performs Non-Destructive Testing.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Liaise with clients and the staff in all aspects of work scope initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and closing
2. Liaise between corporate office and branch staff for communication and required documents
3. Ensure full compliance of all applicable regulations of all the radiation related activities.
4. Identifying the business development and branch needs according to the market and Clients’ requirements
5. Manages the daily and general organization of the Desert NDT personnel of the Branch according to works schedule
6. Ensure that personnel assigned to each project are adequately qualified, certified and competent to perform their tasks at all times
7. Acts as Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) of the Company, to ensure the full compliance of the applicable regulations as technical manager of all the radiation related activities
8. Maintain all camera labels, and all other required labels and that placards are legible and properly placed
9. 100% audit pass rate from State/Governmental agencies as well as client/customer audits
10. Zero incidents involving radiation safety and security
11. Responsible for submission of required paperwork in a timely matter, including work tickets, timesheets, and requested reports
12. Monitoring equipment and consumables
13. Responsible for leading the office in all aspects of the job including the Company’s safety and safe driving policies
14. Responsible for on-the-job training and guidance of Technicians and Radiographer Assistants
15. Sets up and utilizes nondestructive testing equipment
16. Conduct and interprets Non Destructive Tests, including radiography, ultrasonic, liquid penetrant and magnetic particle
17. Performs the duties of the job as directed
18. Perform other job related tasks as assigned
19. Adheres to the Company’s Code of Conduct
20. Obtain and maintain all required certifications and licenses
Knowledge Skills And Abilities:
1. Self-motivated and reliable
2. Ability to follow work schedule
3. Assist in keeping company and customer commitments
4. Ability to take direction
5. Success in working on small teams
6. Ability to absorb both on-the-job and classroom training
7. Maintain a high level of integrity
8. Must be able to pass a drug test
9. Must have valid driver’s license

Physical Demands And Work Conditions:
1. Standing, walking, sitting, lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, reaching, handling, feeling, talking, hearing, visual acuity, accommodation and color vision
2. Moving, carrying and lifting objects in excess of 50 pounds
3. Climbing and working off of ladders, stairs and scaffolding in excess of 100 feet
4. Working extended hours and standing for extended periods of time
5. Working in indoor and outdoor environments in conditions of extreme heat and cold
6. Work in and near industrial hazards

Minimum Education And Experience:
1. High School Diploma or Equivalency
2. Prior Radiography and related Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) experience required
3. Must have 2000 hours of hands on experience as a qualified Radiographer in industrial radiographic operations
4. Good communication Skills with employees and the customers

Key Relationships:
Works directly with Client and Company’s inspectors as well as field personnel. Responsible for maintaining communication with employees and functional departments