Vizaar Vuman E3
NADCAP Manager
This job is closed Job Number: 59768 * Please reference Job Number on all correspondence
Contact: Applus RTD
Phone: 832-319-3065
Company: Applus RTD
State: NY New York
Contact: Applus RTD
Country: United States
Length: Permanent
Position Purpose
* The purpose of the Project Manager II - Nadcap is to lead and manage Manage QA Support for compliance with our Nadcap aerospace program/projects with revenue up to 5 million dollars including managing project staffing, timely completion, quality, safety, and financial metrics in line with company and client expectations. This position is responsible for taking a leadership role in the projects assigned including reporting, resolving, and escalating issues as they arise.

Duties and Responsibilities
* Manage QA Support for compliance with our Nadcap aerospace program.
* Responsible Level 3 for the Syracuse office (Nadcap Requirement.
* Determine operational requirements including resources needed, training required, project scope and schedule; define and establish operational priorities; and establish financial objectives for projects with revenue up to 5 million dollars
* Establish and implement project management processes and procedures to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget, adhere to high-quality standards and meet customer and Applus+ expectations.
* Review project status with Manager focusing on schedules, issues, billing and risks, with plans to address variances.
* Monitor project performance ensuring financial, safety, quality and customer objectives are in line with the established project plan
* Ensure operational excellence for the project by measuring key performance indicators such as client satisfaction, utilization and company goals
* Review and monitor project spending by tracking labor efficiency, project cost and other related items that impact profitability
* Ensure world-class delivery and execution of projects.
* Conduct site visits (as required) for project start-ups, safety audits, performance audits and client relations.
* Conduct post project reviews to develop lessons learned with an emphasis on best practices and improvement points to apply to future projects.
* Ensure compliance and maintenance of corporate practices such as forecasting, accruals and billing as required
* Work with the business development and management team to identify new clients and work opportunities for the department; communicating directly with business development to inform of potential new opportunities
* Consult with clients before, during and after project to resolve problems and to provide ongoing support.
* Enforce and abide the requirements of safe operation and personal safety using required Personal Protective Equipment and Safe Practices per company policy.
* Perform other job related tasks as assigned by management.

Education and Work Experience
* High School Diploma or equivalent.
* Receipt Inspector Level 2 for the Syracuse office (Nadcap Requirement).
* NAS 410 MT Level 3 for MT technique generation and approvals.
Receipt Inspector Level 2 minimum for receiving quality PO items
* Requires seven plus (7+) years of field supervisor experience.
* Background in handling inspections related to:
* Nadcap aerospace program
* Two year experience in inspection related activities.

Certificates and Licenses Required
* Certification as an Inspector required in most cases (or equivalent approved by client). Extensive practical experience required.
* Must have the ability to meet the following company certification standards:
* MT Level 3
* Receipt Inspector Level 2
* PT Level 2
* UT Level 2
* Must meet minimum company requirements to operate a company vehicle and be eligible for coverage under Company insurance program.