RT Technician
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NDT.org Job Number: 60595 * Please reference NDT.org Job Number on all correspondence
Contact: Applus RTD
Company: Applus RTD
State: NH New Hampshire
Contact: Applus RTD
Country: United States
Length: Permanent
The main function of Technician Lead IV is to provide operational support to the Operations Manager, perform inspections as required in the contract specification. Lead is responsible for overseeing the quality assurance/quality control of the crews on same work assignment or location, and may provide customer interface for crews on same work assignment or locations. Lead will utilize advanced NDT Methods, Techniques, and equipment.

Duties and Responsibilities:
* Perform inspections within areas of interest.
* Follow established manuals and standards. Improvise and adapt equipment.
* Monitor equipment and make adjustments during inspections performed to compensate for non-relevant ultrasonic signals (example, reverb, mirror). Setup and operate peripheral computer controlled; equipment to input ultrasonic base line data in conjunction with guided wave operations
* Inspect and interpret readings onsite in real time, to determine areas of interest. Analyze and interpret indications of flaws, defects, discontinuities or interference. Detect and identify all flaws and defects including size, clock position and general shape, mark location of defects both on materials inspected and report.
* Provide comprehensive reports.
* Accept or reject items in compliance with fracture control specifications or other critical customer requirements.
* Perform tasks to the extent certified and qualified.
* Set-up and calibrate all equipment used.
* Conduct field tests with ultrasonic testing equipment.
* Conduct tests in the basic NDT methods to the extent certified and qualified in.
* Interpret, evaluate, and document results through formal reports.
* Direct the work of trainees and Level I personnel in the method(s) in which certified and capable of.
* Provide direction and guidance with the codes, standards and other contractual documents that control the method as utilized by the employer.
* Assist account managers with quoting projects as needed.
* Responsible for all paperwork to be turn in a timely manner
* Maintain and promote a positive attitude toward Assistants and Customers.
* Enforce and abide the requirements of safe operation and personal safety using required Personal Protective Equipment and Safe Practices per company policy.
* Perform other job related tasks as assigned by management.

Education and Work Experience:
* High School Diploma or equivalent required.
* GIS knowledge and or experience highly desired.
* Must have the ability to maintain company certification standards.

Applus+ is one of the world's leading testing, inspection and certification companies with its North American headquarters in Sugar Land, Texas, USA. We provide specialized non-destructive testing, inspection, engineering, and manpower services, located in the center of numerous unique industries which provides our employees with a broad range of experience.

We provide NDT, engineering, manpower and inspection services in all aspects of the aerospace, power, and oil and gas industries, including exploration, transmission, refining, and storage facilities.