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Need NDT Data and some validated - already interpreted
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Contact: Mahsa
Company: Bright Bee Pt. Ltd.
Contact: Mahsa
Country: Singapore
To complete and validate our NDT interpreter, we, in our team, are in the process of collecting some validated - already interpreted - NDT results of any type from some trustworthy sources.

We are willing to customize it for your specific types of applications - free of charge - if you could share with us enough amount of validated data. Validated data shall include:

1. Actual raw NDT data
2. NDT procedure; and
3. Your interpreted results,

Once completed, we will give you access to our results so that you can use and test it for free.

If you / your company is willing in this contribution or making a deal, please contact us via mahsa@bright-bee.com

For Bright Bee Pte. Ltd.