Field RSO
This job is closed Job Number: 62545 * Please reference Job Number on all correspondence
Contact: Applus RTD
Phone: 999-999-9999
Company: Applus RTD
State: CA California
Contact: Applus RTD
Country: United States
Length: Permanent
Position Purpose:
* The main function of the Field Radiation Safety Officer is to ensure full compliance of all applicable regulations and company policies regarding all radiation activities as well as performing NDT field inspections.

Duties and Responsibilities:
* Perform billable field and / or shop work in the following non-destructive testing techniques per company required standards and guidelines including strict adherence to quality assurance / quality control requirements: Radiographic (RT), Magnetic Particle (MT), Dye Penetrant (PT), and/or Ultrasonic Thickness (UTT)
* Provide direct and constant supervision of the assistant radiographer/radiographer trainee whenever the assistant radiographer/ radiographer trainee operates radiographic equipment
* Ensure full compliance with all applicable regulations and company policies for of all general safety policies and rules, and radiation safety policies and procedures
* Assure that all required maintenance, repairs, and leak testing of licensed radioactive material is conducted in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, regulatory requirements and company procedures.
* Conducts field audits to ensure compliance with all regulatory, license and company procedural requirements pertaining to the possession (storage), transportation and use of industrial radiographic equipment.
* Maintain copies of all applicable required records on file, in an organized manner, available for inspection at the Branch office.
* Assure only devices specifically listed on the license(s) are possessed.
* Assure that industrial radiographic equipment is secured against theft or unauthorized removal at all times while in storage, during transportation and while in use.
* Assure that all industrial radiographic equipment is transported in accordance with all applicable federal/state transportation regulations, local requirements, and company procedures.
* Assure that all required transportation labels and marking are complete and legible and that the documentation required for each device is current complete.
* Provide assistance and information to the Regional Radiation Safety Officer on all matters relating to radiation safety and the radiation safety program.
* Serve as a point of contact to all applicable regulatory and/or law enforcement agencies during incidents involving the loss, theft or destruction of licensed radioactive material, vehicular accidents, etc. and provide assistance to the Regional Radiation Safety Officer during such events.
* Verify that all applicable required postings and notices regarding the storage, transportation and use of industrial radiographic equipment are current and posted in a conspicuous location, and have been completed as applicable.
* Identify and report regulatory violations and/or items of non-compliance to the Regional Radiation Safety Officer.
* Document each inspection on the appropriate company form
* Take and document proper action to correct any deficiencies found during each unannounced inspection.
* Conduct a quarterly inventory to account for all sealed sources, devices and depleted uranium possessed under the license.
* Ensure the return of all personal dosimetry badges to supplier promptly after each month's usage with the appropriate control dosimetry.
* Assists with mentoring of all personnel regarding radiation safety and compliance with corporate procedures as well as proper radiographic inspection techniques in the field.
* Properly interpret regulations, codes, and industry standards.
* Maintain a positive relationship between Applus RTD, the facility, and the client.
* Maintain and promote a positive attitude towards Co-workers and Customers.
* Other duties as assigned

Supervisory Responsiblities:
* Maintain a safe, secure, and legal work environment for all staff ensuring all company policies are being followed.
* Maintain staff job results by coaching, counseling, and training employees; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results in partnership with human resources.
* Train, mentor and guide technicians in correct operational activities including NDT techniques, safety, radiation safety, and quality requirements and processes.

Knowledge and Skills:
* Understanding of NDT codes including but not limited to RT, UT, UTT, MT, PT, etc.
* Must fully understand the requirements of Radiation Safety as per the NRC, federal, state, Applus RTD and other required regulations and policies.
* Be proficient with standard computer software (such as MS Office Suite) and be able to write detailed inspection reports while maintaining an organized system of files.
* Must have analytical capabilities for customer needs assessment and solutions identification.
* A sense of urgency, good attention to detail, and follow-thru.
* Demonstrates a systematic approach in carrying out assignments. Is very orderly and excels at cutting through confusion and turning chaos into order.
* Knowledge of Industry Codes.
* Demonstrates a strong ability to identify, analyze and solve problems. Unusually decisive in handling difficult problems. Translates problems into practical solutions.
* Shows willingness and aptitude to use own discretion in taking appropriate steps in finding solutions to problems; presents options and ideas to enhance current processes or procedures. Takes on additional responsibility when both big and small tasks need to be completed.
* Knowledge of the structure and content of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar.
* Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer service. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction.
* Ability to teach / impart technical and administrative skills to field personnel
* Detail oriented with a dedication to the quality control and quality assurance process
* Ability to multi-task and properly execute multiple simultaneous assignments without sacrificing efficiency or quality of the work.
* Ability to communicate and cooperate with diverse groups of people.
* Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills.
* Knowledge of arithmetic and algebra and the ability to solve problems
* Demonstrated ability to actively promote and personally observe safety and security procedures
* Firmly adheres to the values and ethics of Applus+. Exhibits honesty, discretion, and sound judgment.

Education and Work Experience:
* High school diploma or equivalent.
* Five plus years' work-related skill, knowledge, or experience in NDT field with radiography.
* A minimum of 40 hours Level I and 40 hours Level II Course and 1600 hours field experience in RT
* Must have the ability to meet company certification standards.

Certificates and Licenses:
* Pass IRRSP Exam
* Pass a Jaeger 1 Eye Exam
* Requires ability to be certified as a Level II in the following techniques per company SNT WP requirements including meeting education and experience requirements per technique: Radiography, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, and Ultrasonic Thickness
* Must have completed or have the ability to pass a 40 Hour Radiation Safety program
* Ability to successfully complete a corporate approved Radiation Safety Officer course
* Must meet minimum company requirements to operate a company vehicle and be eligible for coverage under Company insurance program.

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