Adv UTShearwave Tech
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Contact: JanX
Company: JanX
State: IL Illinois
Contact: JanX
Country: United States
Length: Permanent
Position Purpose:
The main function of the Level II Advanced Technician is to be responsible for the completion of all assigned advanced field inspections, including but not limited to data collection, field execution, interpretation, reporting, and completion all customer and JANX required field documentation. Level II Advanced Technicians are thoroughly familiar with the scope and methods of NDT being used along with advanced NDT methods, techniques and tools and are responsible for on-the-job training and guidance of Level I Technicians and Trainees.

Duties and Responsiblities:
* Perform complete NDT field inspections based on customer requirements and procedures, JANX field procedures, focusing on quality, safety, and radiation safety as applicable.
* Perform advanced NDT field inspections such as Pipeline Integrity, Automated UT, Guided Wave Testing, RTR, Level II Crawler Technicians, CWI, Laser Scanning, Corrosion Mapping and / or UT Shearwave based on customer requirements and procedures, JANX field procedures and being able to fully operate and interpret results based on advanced NDT methods.
* Ensure all equipment is set up, calibrated, and functional at all times in line with JANX and customer procedures.
* Operate advanced NDT equipment including calibration, field execution and basic troubleshooting to be able ensure compliance and quality at all times while performing work.
* Apply testing criteria in accordance with applicable specifications, both conventional and advanced NDT.
* Provide direction and guidance and ensure compliance with the codes, standards, and other documents that control the method as utilized by the customer and JANX, both conventional and advanced NDT.
* Ensure the set-up boundaries and surveillance of work area, if required, and prevent unauthorized personnel from entering work area; ensure compliance with Radiation Safety Policy and Procedures at all times, if applicable.
* Prepare, set-up, and complete all necessary paperwork as required by client and company requirements; responsible for ensuring all paperwork is turned in timely, this includes but is not limited to safety forms, company required forms, customer forms, reports, and timesheets.
* Direct, mentor, and train Level I Technicians and Trainees in the method(s) in which certified and capable of.
* Follow and enforce the Company required safe work practices and procedures at all times.
* Follow and enforce Company policies at all times.
* Demonstrate excellent communication skills, professionalism, and promote a positive customer service attitude internally and externally
* Enforce and abide the requirements of safe operation and personal safety using required Personal Protective Equipment and Safe Practices per company policy
* Perform all other duties as assigned.
* Todf/ PAUT

Supervisory Responsiblities:
* Maintain staff by orienting and training employees.
* Maintain a safe, secure, and legal work environment for all staff ensuring all company policies are being followed.
* Review, validate, and approve reporting employees' timesheet and reports.
* Train, mentor and guide technicians in correct operational activities including NDT, safety, radiation safety, and quality requirements and processes.

Knowledge and Skills:
* Thorough knowledge of industry codes.
* Thorough knowledge of Advanced NDT inspections such as Pipeline Integrity, AUT, UT-SW, RTR, and Guided Wave Testing and field application of those methods, techniques and procedures.
* Ability to set up both conventional and advanced NDT equipment, conducts tests, interpret and evaluate findings in compliance with required specifications, standards and or customer specifications; this includes Rayscan, Rotoscan, and other advanced NDT equipment.
* Be thoroughly familiar with the scope and limitations of the techniques and method in which are to be employed.
* Be capable of following written work instructions from approved general procedures.
* Thorough knowledge of radiation safety and operational field requirements regarding radiation safety.
* Ability to read technical documents and procedures and apply them in the field.
* The ability to understand the structure and content of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar.
* Knowledge of arithmetic and algebra.
* Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer service. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction.
* Must have analytical capabilities for customer needs assessment and solutions identification.
* Working knowledge of MS Office Suite of products.
* A sense of urgency, good attention to detail, and follow-thru
* Firmly adheres to the values and ethics of JANX and Applus+. Exhibits honesty, discretion, and sound judgment.
* Willing to work with others, collaborating and compromising where necessary; promptly share relevant information with others.
* Maintains a positive "can do" outlook, rebounds quickly from frustrations and unpleasantness, and maintains composure and friendly demeanor while dealing with stressful situations.
* Possess excellent communication skills to convey information to customers and colleagues effectively.

Education and Work Experience:
* High school diploma or equivalent required
* 2+ years of experience in NDT industry is required
* Training in NDT Advanced Services required such as Pipeline Integrity, AUT, RTR, GUL, UT-SW and other advanced NDT methods.

Certificates and Licenses Required:
* Ability to be certified in accordance with JANX SNT-TC-1A as a Level II in RT, MT, VT, UTT, and/or PT.
* Ability to be certified in accordance with JANX SNT-TC-1A in a Level II certification, industry certification or training certificate in RTR, AUT, UT-SW, Pipeline Integrity, Level II Crawler Technicians, CWI, Laser Scanning, Corrosion Mapping and / or Guided Wave Testing.
* Must meet minimum company requirements to operate a company vehicle and be eligible for coverage under Company insurance program

JANX is a well-established company and leads the market in highly specialized non-destructive testing and inspection services. JANX is located in the center of numerous unique industries which provides our employees with a wide range of experience.

We provide NDT, new construction, maintenance, and inspection services in all aspects of the oil and gas industries, including exploration, transmission, refining, storage facilities, and all oil related support industries.