Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
Corporate Quality Assurance Manager
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NDT.org Job Number: 65250 * Please reference NDT.org Job Number on all correspondence
Contact: Victoria Cross
Phone: 704-398-6122
Fax: 704-393-1400
Company: SteelFab, Inc.
State: NC North Carolina
Contact: Victoria Cross
Country: United States
Length: Full Time
Job Summary:
This job function is responsible for Quality and will report to the company President. This person's ultimate goal will be to create and maintain a Quality Control Department which will insure the utmost quality, in the most efficient manner.

Essential Job Functions

1. Maintain the corporate Quality Assurance Manual to incorporate the latest edition of national Codes and Specifications. nowhere
2. Develops work procedures to meet quality goals.
3. Works with the Quality Control Manager of individual production facilities.
4. Maintain files and records of inspections, both dimensional and nondestructive, and welder drawings and specifications prior to their release to the shop inspections by outside agencies, including customer representatives.
5. Work harmoniously with all other departments while effecting the quality of the product; i.e., Engineering, Sales, Purchasing, Project Management, Traffic, and Production. This person shall have the authority to "stop work" on any project where the quality is questionable.
6. Maintain the corporate Welding Procedure Specification Manual.
7. Create W.P.S. and P.Q.R. documentation as required by project requirements.
8. Maintain the corporate N.D.E. program.
9. Create N.D.E. procedures for compliance to project requirements.
10. Monitor the training and certification of N.D.E. employees.
11. Supervise all quality control personnel and inspection operations.
REQUIRED (If you do not have the required C.W.I. and N.D.E. Level III certificates and steel experience, no need to apply):

High school education or equivalent,

Ten or more years experience in the structural steel fabrication and erection industry with at least two years in a supervisory position,

A.W.S. - C.W.I. and

A.S.N.T. - N.D.E. Level III in Ultrasonic and Magnetic Particle.

Working knowledge of: - AWS D1.1, D1.4, D1.8
- NAVSEA S9074-AQ-GIB 010/248; T9074-AS-GIB 010/271
- AISC Manual of Steel Construction; Specification for Structural Joints Using High Strength Bolts; Code of Standard Practice; Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings; Certification Standard for Steel Fabrication and Erection; and Manufacturing of Metal Components.

Preferred: A.W.S. - S.C.W.I. Level III in other disciplines, including visual, is a plus.
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