SensorScan for Sensor Networks Inc
RT/UT Level II Tech NAS 410
This job is closed Job Number: 66124 * Please reference Job Number on all correspondence
Contact: Carolina Alvarez
Phone: 5208872400
Company: R. E Darling
State: AZ Arizona
Contact: Carolina Alvarez
Country: United States
Education and Experience Requirements:
 High school diploma or equivalent required
 Visual acuity of 20/40 minimum required, corrected or uncorrected
 Minimum of three years, experience in NDE of aerospace hardware, specifically with composites, rubber, and bonded structures, preferred
 Experience in Visual and dimensional inspections, preferred
 Candidate must have a minimum of a level II certification and/or qualification in Radiography and Ultrasonic in accordance with NAS 410, or equivalent
(Objective evidence required)
 Successful completion of the Level II examinations for UT or RT in accordance with RQC 0526 (NAS 410), upon employment
Must have the required 80 hours of classroom training IAW NAS 410 (40 hrs. For level I and another 40 hrs. for level II RT)
Must have completed Radiation Safety training
Documentation of the above items should be available and provided (documentation from the military can be difficult to match up/decipher)
Digital X-ray experience would be an added plus since we are heading in that direction

Special Tasks and Focus Areas:
 Perform RT NDE inspections
o Perform UT examinations on REDAR manufactured and procured product
o Perform NDE system self-audits
 Monitor material and supplies
o Monitor inspection consumables (film, chemicals, etc.) inventories
o Order materials and supplies
 Maintain equipment calibration and maintenance cycles
o Perform system checks and calibrations of inspection equipment
o Support service and maintenance of equipment
o Assist in maintaining radiation monitoring, and other required systems
 Develop inspection techniques
o Evaluate new jobs and programs and assist in technique development
o Support the manufacture of calibration standards
o Verify and/or upgrade existing inspection methods
o Review specification and drawing requirements
 Support production operations
o Perform standard visual and dimensional inspections on product, when applicable
o Interface with production personnel in order to insure complete and accurate NDE inspections are performed and documented
o Support Cause and Corrective Action (CCA) investigations

Primary Responsibilities:
 Perform RT and UT NDE inspections
 Monitor material and supplies
 Maintain equipment calibrations and maintenance cycles
 Develop inspection techniques
 Support production operations