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NDT Lvl 3 Consultant
This job is closed Job Number: 66318 * Please reference Job Number on all correspondence
Contact: X-Ray Industries
Company: X-Ray Industries
State: MI Michigan
Contact: X-Ray Industries
Country: United States
Length: Permanent
~~Position Purpose:
* An NDT Level 3 Consultant for X-Ray Industries (XRI) Training, Consulting & Services Group (TCSG) functions primarily as an Outside Agency Level 3 per NAS410 & XRI's 2002. To provide leadership as an administrative Level 3 to the varied TCSG customer base Level 1 or Level 2, provide technical input and assure compliance to customer specific Quality systems requirements, such as Nadcap. The Level 3 Consultant shall be thoroughly knowledgeable within the scope and limitations of each method certified. The Level 3 Consultant may also be engaged as an Instructor of the certified method and may be assigned responsibility for on-the-job (OJT) training and guidance of NDT personnel at the applicable TCSG customer.

Duties and Responsibilities:
* The TCSG NDT Level 3 will have responsibility for preparing, maintaining, administering and grading certification examinations, assuring the Written Practice requirements of XRI 2002 and of valued TCSG customers are met.
* Be willing to travel extensively to valued TCSG customer(s) facilities
* Be adaptable to various manufacturing environments
* Be engaging with various customers Management and direct on-site workforce
* Be flexible to work any shift as necessary to meet customers workforce schedule
* Participate in the XRI and TCSG customers Safety program to ensure a safe working environment.
* Establish and maintain housekeeping expectations throughout XRI and valued TCSG customers
* Adhere to XRI and TCSG customer's policies and procedures, as applicable
* Represent XRI in a professional and ethical manner at all times;
* May be requested to attend NDT related professional conferences or meetings
* TCSG customer base technical document generation, review and approval.
* TCSG customers Level 1 and Level 2 development, examination and certification.
* Have the skills and knowledge to interpret codes, standards, and other contractual documents that control the NDT method(s) as used by XRI or TCSG customers
* Be capable of selecting the method and technique for the specific inspection applications
* Be capable of preparing and verifying the adequacy of procedures and work instructions.
* Approve NDT procedures and work instructions for technical adequacy.
* Have a general knowledge of other NDT methods and product manufacturing and inspection technologies used by XRI or TCSG's customers.
* May conduct NDT for the acceptance of parts and document the results if a demonstration of proficiency in this ability was included in the practical examination.
* Be capable of auditing varying Quality Systems requirements, such as Nadcap
* To perform this job successfully, an individual shall have flexibility in his/her personal schedule, be willing to travel when/where TCSG customers are located and have interpersonal communication skills that exude leadership, confidence and clarity.
* Perform all other duties as assigned.

Supervisory Responsibilities:
* Mentor and train coworkers assigned to you through on the job training in safe work practices, technical skills and compliance with company policy.

Knowledge and Skills:
* Ability to utilize mathematical formulas per the applicable NDT method.
* Ability to follow verbal and written instructions.
* Ability to follow Safety regulations.
* Computer literate with emphasis on Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
* Ability to read and understand technical documents relating to the applicable method.
* High level of interpersonal communication skills.
* Assist in the maintaining or implementing the KAIZEN 6S discipline.
* SORT: Eliminate everything not required for the current work, keeping only the bare essentials.
* STRAIGHTEN: Arrange items in a way that they are easily visible and accessible.
* SHINE: Clean everything and find ways to keep it clean. Make cleaning a part of your everyday work.
* STANDARDIZE: Create rules by which the first 3 S's are maintained.
* SUSTAIN: Keep 5S activities from unraveling
* SAFETY: Eliminate hazards
* Ability and willingness to cross train into other NDT methods, when requested
* Ability to work effectively with others and in a Team environment.
* Firmly adheres to the values and ethics of X-Ray Industries. Exhibits honesty, discretion, and sound judgment.

Education and Work Experience:
* Have a minimum of 10 years NDT experience in a given NDT method as a Level 2 / Level 3 in any combination thereof; Aerospace experience is preferred.
* An ASNT Level III is not required although highly preferred

Certificates and Licenses Required:
* NDT Level 2 / Level 3 certification in:

X-Ray Industries, an Applus+ company, is a well-established non-destructive testing service provider in the Aerospace industry. With over 75 years of experience, X-Ray Industries is the oldest, most-established NDT provider, offering a broad range of testing and inspection capabilities.