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Pipeline Integrity Direct Assessment Inspector-Gray, LA
This job is closed Job Number: 66432 * Please reference Job Number on all correspondence
Phone: 9858600575
Company: NVI LLC
State: LA Louisiana
Country: United States
The Pipeline Integrity Direct Assessment Inspector is responsible for, but not limited to, the following job description:
Direct assessment of pipelines using MT, UTT, AUT/C-Scan, Shearwave UT, Phased Array UT, and VT;
Perform existing coating assessment;
Provide CP Readings (Soil Resistivity, Pipe to soil), soil samples, performing MIC tests;
Corrosion and mechanical damage mapping using a Digital pit gauge and other advanced methods;
Provide internal corrosion mapping using an AUT/C-Scan machine;
Ultrasonic inspection of pipeline welding in accordance with API 1104, 20th edition;
Raster, manual, semi-automated and automated PA scanning techniques;
Linear Arrays and Sectorial Arrays;
Internal corrosion direct assessment (ICDA), external corrosion direct assessment (ECDA), ILI verification, SCC investigation;
Running R-String and KAPA Calculation;
Perform UT thickness, Shear wave and Phased Array Inspections for crack detection and sizing;
Able to manage projects and handle situations directly with the client;
Ensure operational safety of all job-relevant equipment;
Ability to follow supervisory instructions with minimum guidance;
Responsible for reporting to the Director of Pipeline Integrity; and,
Any further operational duties relating to Pipeline Integrity Operations.
Required Qualifications, Experience:
High school diploma or G.E.D.;
Direct Assessment experience of at minimum 1 year;
Current NDE certifications in MT, PT, UT, and/or VT;
AUT/C-Scan Lead Inspector; and,
Phased Array Level II Technician.
Preferred Qualifications, Experience:
Bachelors or Advanced Degree is preferred;
NACE Certification
AWS Certified Welding Inspector
Familiar with ASME V Article 4 PA Requirements;
Familiar with ASME Code Case Requirements; and,
PEC or Rig Pass Safeland/Safegulf Training.
Preferred Skill Requirements:
Able to meet a fluctuating working schedule;
Above average computer skills including Spreadsheet and Word Processing software;
Above average organization and communication skills;
Able to meet travel requirements;
Punctual and capable of meeting project start times;
Capable of meeting deadlines;
Effectively carry out supervisorís instructions;
Above average communication skills; and,
Proficient in problem solving.