Mistras Group
NDT.org Job Number: 76533 * Please reference NDT.org Job Number on all correspondence
Contact: Frank Beaker
Phone: 17343632928
Company: Ventower Industries
State: MI Michigan
Contact: Frank Beaker
Country: United States
Length: permanent
Pay: $1,320 - $2,300 per week
Position Summary: Conducts QA and NDT inspections for structural projects.

Duties and Responsibilities: Responsibilities and Duties: NDT Assistants/Level I
- Assist with the set up and help calibrate nondestructive testing equipment
- Help conduct tests to ensure quality or detect discontinuities (defects) using NDT methods of inspection
- Assist in establishing techniques for proper examination of objects under inspection, ensuring strict adherence to safety regulations
- Assist in applying testing criteria in accordance with applicable specifications or standards and evaluate results
- Interpret PAUT digital readouts
- Organize and report test results
- Perform specialized inspections
- Perform other job related tasks as assigned by management
Responsibilities and Duties: PAUT and Level II Technicians
Conduct NDT inspections
Leverage expertise to resolve problems during the manufacturing processes
Make recommendations after analysis of the data using quality tools
Protect the intellectual property rights of the Company
Function as a team lead when appropriate
Provide technical guidance and mentoring to less experienced inspectors
Set up, conduct test, and calibrate equipment
Work independently and support team members
Prepare reports and other documents in a timely, accurate manner
Interface daily with client about work priorities and projects
Perform other job related tasks as assigned by management
Requirements and Documentation: PAUT, Entry Level and Level II Technicians
Level II Phased Array documentation required for PAUT position
Provide procedure and technique development
High school diploma or equivalent
Must present HS Diploma or equivalent along with your classroom NDT training and OJT documentation.
Must be willing to travel
Excellent Communication skills, report writing, and the ability to work in a team atmosphere is required
Entry Level NDT- Local to Monroe, MI - Applicants with prior NDT classroom training or OJT
NDT Level II Technicians - 2 years of experience testing equipment, testing procedures, and the ability to perform tests and properly document results.
Shop math and print reading skills
Ability to use computers for data entry
Working knowledge of manufacturing processes
Ability to effectively communicate with other departments, and customers to solve problems
Ability to learn and comply with all company policies and procedures
Applicants must complete a drug screen and have a valid drivers license with a clean driving record

Work Conditions:
Must be able to wear safety equipment as required by the safety department for personal protection.
May be required to travel to client locations and sites.
Ability to lift and carry 50 pounds.
Sufficient vision or other powers of observation, with or without reasonable accommodations.
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