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International Committee for Non Destructive Testing

The organisation hereafter described is named the INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR NON­DESTRUCTIVE TESTING. Its abbreviation is ICNDT. The graphic symbol is the abbreviation name ICNDT printed on a world globe.

ICNDT is a non profit organisation devoted to the international development of the science and practice of Non-Destructive Testing, in conjunction with individual NDT Societies and recognised Regional continental groupings of NDT Societies. ICNDT's activities are dependent on the voluntary actions of its Members.

The first World Conferences on NDT were held in Brussels in (1955), Chicago (1957), and Tokyo (1960). The ICNDT was set up in 1960 to promote international collaboration, with the specific task of arranging successive World Conferences.

Terms of reference were first developed in 1960 and subsequently revised in 1967 (Montreal), 1979 (Melbourne) and 1982 (Moscow).

The present revision of the Constitution and Terms of Reference incorporates changes in the organisation which have become necessary in the late 1990s.


To be the international organisation that acts as prime focus on Non-Destructive Testing for the benefit of the involved Community and Public in general.

To promote international collaboration in all matters relating to NDT, including collaboration with international organisations with an interest in NDT e.g. International Standards Organisation, International Institute of Welding, International Atomic Energy Agency, World Federation of NDT Centres etc.

To encourage the foundation, growth, development and co-operation of National and regional NDT Societies.

To assign the place and organisation of the World NDT Conference to an appropriate NDT Society or group of Societies, at intervals of four years.

To establish and implement with Regional/continental groupings of NDT Societies and the ICNDT Membership policies of the International Committee for NDT.

To encourage the formulation of International Standards on Non-Destructive Testing in collaboration with the International Standards Organisation, and other standards bodies.

To promote best practices in NDT and to encourage international harmonisation.
5. Membership

The Members of ICNDT are legally established National NDT Societies (i.e. Societies, Organisations, Institutes etc. of a non-profit nature) and NDT Societies representing regions (which may be parts of very large Countries or groups of small Countries), whose applications are accepted by ICNDT.

Societies that wish to join the ICNDT shall make written application in accordance with the application procedure defined by the Membership Working Group. Application shall be voted on by the full International Committee at its next meeting, following review by a Membership Working Group nominated by the Policy and General Purposes Committee (PGPC). The Terms of Reference of the Membership Working Group are given in Appendix 1.

Each ICNDT Member Society shall nominate two delegates. In matters requiring a vote each ICNDT Member Society shall have one vote.
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