Mistras Group

Center for Nondestructive Evaluation at Iowa State University

The Center for NDE (CNDE) focuses on the
research and development of new theories and
techniques for use in quantitative NDE. As is
well known, NDE involves use of various
non-invasive measurement techniques to
determine the integrity of a structure,
component, or material without destroying the
usefulness of the item. The Center has three
principal objectives:To perform industrially
relevant research. To enhance the number of
students in NDE and to cooperate with
academic units of the University in NDE
curriculum development and interactions with
community colleges. To provide a national focal
point for technology transfer to industry. All
major NDE techniques are in use in the Center
and include ultrasonics, electromagnetic
methods, penetrating radiation (x-ray and
neutrons), thermal techniques, magnetic
techniques, and penetrant inspection. CNDE
uses quantitative approaches to develop
nondestructive evaluation as an engineering tool
that is applicable throughout the life cycle of a
component. NDE problems associated with
transportation (automotive, aerospace), energy,
and manufacturing have been central to the
Center"s activities; these have expanded to
include infrastructure and initial entries into
animal science and agribusiness.
Sensor Networks