Sensor Networks

Center for Non Destructive Evaluation at Johns Hopkins University

The Johns Hopkins University has had a long and
distinguished history in measurement research, starting
with Professor Rowland's development of his
diffraction grating ruling engine, and carrying through to
today's fundamental work in the science and technology
of measurement undertaken in the University's divisions
of Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Medicine, and the
Applied Physics Laboratory. The Johns Hopkins
University Center for Nondestructive Evaluation
(CNDE) was established in 1984 as an interdisciplinary
center for research and instruction, drawing on the
resources and talent of the School of Engineering, the
Applied Physics Laboratory, and the School of
Medicine. The NDE techniques developed and
employed are especially useful to control and improve
product quality in manufacturing processes and to
assure the highest level of reliability for materials, parts,
and products. The CNDE is dedicated to research
which will lead to more sophisticated and accurate
methods for the nondestructive evaluation of materials
and systems and to the education of talented students
who will enter the NDE field.
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