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Characterising and studying corrosion requires a fundamental understanding of principles underlying multiple disciplines, from electrochemistry and fluid mechanics to materials science and engineering. Such complexity makes finding good technical content related to corrosion difficult, and online, this task has become even more onerous due to the lack of a portal that can point in the right direction.

Corrosionsource.com aims to fill this void through a web site that has over the last four years, served as the default location on the web for corrosion information. At corrosionsource.com our aim is to provide you with high quality technical information related to corrosion. Our focus is to educate, enrich and interact, and bring together the worldwide corrosion community. We have come a long way in this effort over the years, and hope that you will help us in making this site what it is meant to be, the be all and end all of everything related to corrosion.

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