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Global Training

Global Training established in 1998, is an ISO 9001
certified organization with award winning of "Indian
Achievers Award for Education Excellence", "International
Gold Star Award – Gold Medal", "NDT Level 4 Global
Excellence Award for Best NDT Institute" and "International
Achievers for Educational Excellence".

We are actively involved in India, Oman, Qatar, UAE,
Vietnam, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Singapore, Saudi Arabia,
Iran, Tunisia, Tanzania, Sudan, Cameron. Providing Training
& Consultancy Services to the Oil & Gas, Process Industries,
Power Generation, Petro Chemicals, Aerospace Automobiles,
etc. We have good experience in the development and
implementation of Nationalisation Programs in Gulf

Global Training programs have become increasingly recognized
as the most effective means to enhance employee efficiency
and effectiveness. Global Training, an Institute for
advanced Technology Training, offers programs specially
designed to individual and a company’s requirements and
taught by expert drawn from the industry.

Our programs can be technical, managerial or cross-
discipline. We can also select and conduct needs analysis to
help you identify your company’s training needs; design
programs to meet those needs, and develop a sequenced
schedule of training that will fit into your budget. Our
training can even be customized to meet your unique needs!
You’ll receive first-class training from word-class

First time in the world we are proud to introduce the API E-
Learning Courses to help our candidates and save their
valuable time.
Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment