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William G. Cronberger
Chief Business Development Officer
NDT Classroom, Inc.

Online NDT Training Available 24/7 365 days per year-

NDT Classroom recognizes the need for effective online NDT
training. NDT legends Chuck
Hellier and Jim Treat have brought together industry leading
instructors with completely
video-based online NDT training to create NDT
Classroom.Until recently, video-based training
on the internet was not possible and therefore highly
engaging, interactive HD quality
video-based online training could not be reliably delivered.
NDT Classroom has combined a state of the art media
production company and NDT industry innovators to provide
the highest
quality training with the best delivery method available.

There are other web based training courses available, but
they cannot show real HD video
examples being performed. Watching a largely static slide
show online is not effective

Offering the following courses:

NDT Classroom Eddy Current I
NDT Classroom Eddy Current II
NDT Classroom Introduction to NDT
NDT Classroom Magnetic Particle I/II
NDT Classroom Magnetic Particle Testing Refresher
NDT Classroom Penetrant Testing I & II
NDT Classroom Penetrant Testing Refresher
NDT Classroom Radiation Safety
NDT Classroom Radiography Testing I
NDT Classroom Radiography Testing II
NDT Classroom Radiography Testing Refresher
NDT Classroom Ultrasonic Testing I
NDT Classroom Ultrasonic Testing II
NDT Classroom Ultrasonic Testing Refresher
NDT Classroom Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
NDT Classroom Visual Testing I/II
NDT Classroom Visual Testing Refresher

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