Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment

Cranfield University

Inspection and Structural Health Monitoring are fundamental to maintaining fitness-for-service of offshore Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy structures, particularly as these age. This series of short courses is aimed at developing an appreciation of inspection and monitoring techniques so that Engineers can better understand how to plan inspections and also how to interpret results. Cranfield University is world-leading in offshore inspection reliability and defect assessment. Delegates can attend all five days of the course or can choose the three day option or the two day option.

Offshore Inspection – Five days
Fundamental and Practical Offshore Inspection and Monitoring – Three days
Advanced Offshore Inspection and Evaluation – Two days

The course structure is unique by providing delegates the opportunity of practical sessions in a professional development short course. Fifty percent of the attendees’ time is spent in lab sessions and in interactive workshops.
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