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Del Mar College - Nondestructive Testing Technology AAS & Level II Cert

Nondestructive testing technicians use a wide variety of techniques and technologies including ultrasonic, radiographic, liquid penetration, electromagnetic, thermal, and infrared, among others.

Professionals in this field examine vehicles and structures for flaws and defects using non-destructive techniques and prepare results on their findings. A nondestructive testing technician may be responsible for testing engines or other mechanical components, storage or transport vessels like pipelines or containers, or major structures like bridges or tunnels. NDT technicians rely on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job. NDT technicians require technical knowledge, practical skills, and inspection is typically not a physically demanding occupation.

NDT work is often done in the field, such as on pipelines or at construction sites, in production plants and laboratories as part of a quality system.

Nondestructive Testing Technology Level II, Certificate
Nondestructive Testing Technology, Associate in Applied Science

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