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Online / Hands-on NDT training

Whether you want training for a specific inspection method or are prepared to begin a new career in nondestructive testing with our NDT Career Program, the National Inspection Academy provides the training you need for a price that is affordable.

NIA’s NDT Career Program immerses students in the world of nondestructive testing, providing them with a robust training program which includes Level I and Level II training in seven highly sought after NDT methods as well as a full radiation safety training course. This level of education propels students into the NDT industry with a diverse training background highly sought after by employers compared to individuals with limited training.

Our blended training program separates the lecture and laboratory training elements into separate components to provide a more flexible learning environment for our students.

Students will be expected to complete approximately 400 hours of online training over a six-month period. At the time of enrollment students will be scheduled for the three-week laboratory portion of the training program six months from their online initiation date. Laboratory training will be provided at the NIA facility in Baxter Minnesota. This provides students ample time to complete the online training portion of the program. Students may request to attend the laboratory portion of the training program in advance of their scheduled date provided that all online training modules are complete, and all examinations have been passed.

The laboratory portion of the training program consists of three weeks of Level I and Level II hands on training for all seven NDT methods included in the program. Laboratory classes are from Monday through Friday at 10hrs of instruction per day for three consecutive weeks.
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