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SGS Accredited by BINDT for TKY Weld Joint Ultrasonic Inspection
China continuously undergoes rapid development in industrial manufacturing
and related products, including aviation, steel structure, shipping, marine,
petrochemical, pressure vessels and special equipment. During the
manufacturing process of these products, the highest priority is placed on the
quality of the components, including the weld joints, of which many are of the
node, nozzle and "T" configuration. Consequently, there is demand for NDT
personnel to determine the quality and lifespan of the products containing TKY
weld joints and thus save costs (and possibly lives) which could arise from
catastrophic failure, unplanned downtime or extended maintenance periods.

In response to the growing need for highly qualified NDT personnel, SGS
officially announced that the SGS NDT Training and Examination Center
successfully acquired authorization from the British Institute of Non-Destructive
Testing (BINDT) to provide PCN training and examinations for the Ultrasonic
Testing (UT) of nodes, nozzles and "T" welds, which are generally referred to as
"TKY weld joints." The PCN categories for these types of welds are indicated as
(3.7/3.8/3.9) on PCN certificates. Thus, SGS has become the first NDT training
and examination institute in China that conducts TKY weld joints training. This
new service provided by SGS bridges the existing gap created by the need for
training and examinations of inspectors who will conduct high quality NDT
inspections on such complex weld joints.

With respect to the various qualifications of the applicants, SGS provides three
TKY training modes. The first mode is aimed at professional NDT personnel
who already hold a valid Personal Certification of NDT (PCN) on UT level 2 in the
welds sector, either in butt plate and/or butt pipe. In accordance with the
EN473/ISO9712 - PCN training and examination requirements, applicants
undergo additional training for each of the three categories (3.7/3.8/3.9).
Applicants can extend training hours according to their own needs and current
skills, as well as choose which category or categories to undertake a practical
examination in. If successful in the examination, applicants receive a Personal
Certification of NDT(PCN) from BINDT, recognized worldwide.

Alternative options for training offers (without the PCN examination) are useful
in order to support inspection personnel who are interested in improving their
UT welds testing ability, but without the final PCN examination. The course is
designed for all NDT personnel who already have UT inspection knowledge and
may need to upgrade to TKY welds according to their own company or client’s

In addition, SGS offers the third mode for non-NDT professionals such as sales,
marketing and management personnel to provide basic knowledge on both
theory and practice, which can help them to better understand and develop NDT
marketing, as well as improve their management and business skills.

SGS is extremely proud to have acquired authorization from the British Institute
of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT) to conduct TKY weld joints ultrasonic
testing training courses and to be the first NDT training and examination
institute in China to do so. This confirms SGS’s extensive expertise and
competence in the non-destructive testing sector.

About the SGS NDT Training and Examination Center

The SGS NDT Training and Examination Center is a BINDT Accredited Training
Organization (ATO) and an Authorized Qualifying Body (AQB). SGS trains and
certifies people to the highest inspection standards and is qualified to conduct
both the required pre-examination training and PCN examinations for Levels 1,
2 and 3. The scope of NDT services offered by SGS covers both conventional
and advanced NDT methods, and they are all provided by qualified inspectors,
in accordance with international standards.