ULC Robotics Doubles CISBOT Travel Distance
By: Nathan King
From a single excavation, ULC Robotics CISBOT can now repair up to 1000'
of cast iron gas pipeline joints. Doubling the travel
distance from 500' to 1000' will help gas utility companies
further reduce costs associated with pipeline rehabilitation
- excavation, engineering, permit and restoration costs. In
addition, all CISBOT repairs are performed under live
conditions, allowing continuous gas service to utility

To repair a cast iron joint, CISBOT drills through the
spigot and injects an anaerobic sealant into the jute,
creating a solid, yet flexible seal. "We believe the
combined benefits of using CISBOT to repair aging cast iron
gas mains make this technology the most effective and
affordable way for gas utility companies to rehabilitate
their pipeline," says Greg Penza, CEO of ULC Robotics.
"Furthermore, the anaerobic sealant we use boasts a 50-year
effective life and has been tested and verified by Cornell


Live internal joint sealing is an efficient alternative to
cast iron pipe replacement and other forms of pipeline
rehabilitation. ULC’s CISBOT repairs leaking joints and
extends the life of cast iron natural gas mains with minimal
excavation and continuous service to utility customers.

CISBOT has sealed more than 5000 cast iron joints for gas
companies throughout the Northeast US including Con Edison
of New York and National Grid using CISBOT technology. Every
joint is injected at different locations around its inner
circumference with a well-proven anaerobic sealant that has
been used for more than 25 years. Sealing with CISBOT is
even considered a capital expense at some utility companies.

About ULC Robotics, LLC

ULC Robotics, based in Bay Shore, New York, provides energy
and utility companies with advanced robotic tools and
cameras capable of entering live pressurized gas mains to
perform inspection and repair. The results produced by these
tools enable customers to reduce disruption to the public by
minimizing excavation, engineering and permit costs. ULC
Robotics capabilities also extends into research and
development of custom inspection tools as well as technical
services for utility companies. Visit ULC Robotics online at
http://www.ulcrobotics.com for more information.