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2013 Brings High Demand for SGS Non-Destructive Testing PCN & SNT Training & Examination Services
The SGS NDT Training and Examination Center in Shanghai, China, which offers a
wide range of internationally recognized training, examination and certification
services in non-destructive testing (NDT), will provide PCN and SNT training
courses throughout 2013.

Announcement of 2013 Training Schedule

The SGS Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Training and Examination Center located
in Shanghai, China, renowned for its internationally recognized comprehensive
training and examination services in NDT is offering Personnel Certification (PCN)
and SNT-TC-1A training courses throughout the year.

The training and examinations services provided by SGS are in accordance with
European and international standards EN 473 and ISO 9712. These two standards
were recently combined to form one new harmonised standard which is EN ISO
9712 : 2012.

In response to an increased demand for good, qualified non-destructive testing
inspectors, the Shanghai SGS NDT Training and Examination Center provides
weekly training, examination and certification services in non-destructive

The SGS training utilizes an extensive syllabus for both basic and advanced NDT
methods. Furthermore, SGS provides training and examination services for the
PCN certification issued by the British Institute of NDT headquartered in the
United Kingdom.

Non-destructive testing is one of the most effective testing methods for objects,
materials and systems used to assure compliance, identify defects and increase
the lifespan of the assets. Because NDT does not detrimentally affect any object
under inspection, it is a highly valuable technique which not only saves both time
and money during the quality and safety evaluation procedure, but raises
confidence in component integrity.

In order to ensure inspection reliability, suitably trained and qualified NDT
personnel equipped with the state of the art equipment and necessary skills are
required by, and essential to the industry.

The SGS NDT Training and Examination Center in Shanghai has been granted
Authorized Qualifying Body (AQB) and Accredited Training Organization (ATO)
status and is annually audited by BINDT. This accreditation allows SGS to conduct
both PCN training and examinations for Levels 1, 2 and 3 according to the PCN
Certification Scheme which fulfils the requirements of EN 473, ISO 9712 and the
new EN ISO 9712 : 2012 standards.

SGS provides training and examination services for both the conventional and
state of the art advanced NDT methods. These training courses are presented by
SGS experts who possess the necessary experience, knowledge and expertise
required for the high-quality training service level to which SGS is committed.

As training is a key strategy of the SGS mission to improve quality and safety the
world over, SGS provides a comprehensive curriculum of training in accordance
with PCN and SNT requirements for training courses which include instruction in
the following areas:

- Radiographic Inspection
- Radiographic Interpretation
- Basic Radiation Safety
- Radiation Protection Supervisor
- Magnetic Particle Testing
- Ultrasonic Testing
- Visual Inspection
- Time of Flight Diffraction
- Phased Array (coming soon)

Courses scheduled throughout 2013 are to be held at the SGS Non-Destructive
Testing Training and Examination Center in Shanghai and Shenzhen or, upon
request, at individual company premises around the world.

To obtain information about the 2013 PCN and SNT training schedule and to
learn how to register for courses, please visit the SGS Training Calendar.

SGS looks forward to welcoming you to contact us so we can assist with fulfilling
your requirements for the training, examination and certification of your