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MEDIT Launches 2m x 1.9mm MICRON Video Borescope
Medit Inc. has launched a new ultra-thin video borescope for the inspection of narrow passages and micro bores not accessible by other types of visual inspection equipment. The MICRON borescope possesses a 1.9mm (or 0.075) outer diameter. The distal lens (mini camera) equipped with 160.000 pixel CIS CMOS sensor of the unit offers a 90 degree field of view with a straight (0 degree) direction of view. Given the small camera size the borescope provides a clear, consistent and detailed picture during inspections. It should be noted that the new Micron is not a fiberscope and the picture delivered by the unit does not present the "honeycomb" pattern typical of fiberoptic devices. The focal range of the camera is between 3 and 50mm (0.12 to 2). In spite of its tiny size the probe head has an integrated fiberoptic light guides.

The standard probe length is 2m (or 6.56). The flexible insertion probe is ETFE coated for increased durability. The borescope consists of three principal parts: the insertion probe, light source and a camera control unit linked together through a connector. The probe can be easily removed and replaced if needed.The handheld ergonomic camera control unit features a USB input, which enables a direct connection to a laptop or a PC. Due to its small size and for the sake of portability, the borescope does not include a monitor or a display. The user needs to use a computer in order to visualize an inspection. MICRON allows not only real time viewing, but also capturing still images and videos using the software capabilities of a computer. This also means that there is virtually no limit to the number or size of captured files other than the size of the computer hard drive allotted for this purpose.

Currently MICRON is one of the smallest probe diameter videoscopes on the market. This makes the U.S. manufactured piece of equipment a preferred choice for the inspection of the tiniest bores and extremely narrow passages or holes.