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Guided Wave Testing: Now Finding a Needle in a Haystack Posted: Guided wave testing, or GWT, uses low-frequency ultrasound operating between 20-150kHz compared to the MHz frequency range for conventional ultrasonics used for thickness checks. This allows the ultrasound to be broadcast away from the tool and axially along the pipe in GWT. When this broadcast ultrasound encounters a change in cross-section, the change in acoustic impedance of this region causes an echo of sound to return to the tool for detection. Using the welds on a pipe for calibration and ...Read More.
Portable Pipe Crawler Got New Upgrades For Bigger Pipes Posted: The TROGLOTREK portable pipe crawler, which has proved itself to be a highly reliable, handy, and compact tool for pipeline inspection, got a new wheel extension kit. In addition to the 4’’ and 6’’ wheelsets that the crawler was equipped with, a new pneumatic wheel extension option has been added, which makes the device suitable to navigate pipes of up to 28’’ in diameter. The new wheel option also comes in two sizes to provide more choice for the user depending on the project and the diameter of the pip ...Read More.
Non-Destructive Testing and Investigating Polymer Nanocomposites Posted: As the usage of polymer nanocomposites in engineering material grows, so does the need for more stringent quality control and assurance to maintain and evaluate performance and efficiency. Well-established worldwide regulations have been used to certify the mechanical characteristics of new-age products like polymer nanocomposites in the industries. To establish a relationship between production process variables and material qualities many tests are are performed, such as stress, compression, ben ...Read More.
Robots: Friends and Enemies? Posted: Robotics4EU is a 3-years-long EU-funded project which advocates for a wider adoption for AI-based robots in 4 sectors: healthcare, inspection and maintenance of infrastructure, agri-food, and agile production. Thus, Robotics4EU raises awareness about non-technological aspects in robotics through delivering a series of workshops to involve the research community, industry representatives and citizens. Read the full article at ...Read More.
Most Affordable Collision Resistant Drone for Confined Space Posted: Traditional storage tank inspection or inspection in hazardous environments require workers to risk their safety by working at great height or exposing themselves to harmful elements. Today, we launch a solution that will reduce safety risks while improving operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Introducing Lumicopter, a collision-resistant drone that increases the safety and efficiency of indoor inspections. Designed to fly in enclosed/hazardous facilities, detects damages, and send a live ...Read More.
Corrosion Mapping for High Temperature Onstream Piping Circuits Posted: Day in and out, piping circuits can be found in petrochemical, refinery, and energy facilities carrying high-pressure, high-temperature fluids such as hydrocarbons and steam to safely and efficiently perform various processes like distilling crude or driving turbines. The harsh environmental conditions these circuits operate under introduce damage mechanisms such as corrosion/erosion or cracks which can result in a catastrophic release of process fluids. For example, naphthenic acid accelerated sulfidation ...Read More.
Capture™ Evolution Over the Years Posted: Launched in 2015 with the first version of the Gekko®, Capture™ has grown over the years to become a premier acquisition and analysis software for all ultrasonic techniques: conventional Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Phased Array UT (PAUT), Time-of-Flight Diffraction (TOFD), Total Focusing Method (TFM), and Adaptive TFM procedures (ATFM). With an intuitive calibration wizard, Capture software enables phased array inspectors to improve their knowledge without the need for extensive training; moreover, we offer on ...Read More.
Ronald Kasteel joins Cenosco’s Board of Directors Posted: Accomplished Technology Leader Brings Expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation THE HAGUE, April 26th, 2022 – Cenosco announced today that Ronald Kasteel, currently managing director at Navara Enterprise analytics, has been appointed to join the Board of Directors. Kasteel will play an important role in supporting Cenosco at this exciting time of accelerated growth. Since beginning a new partnership with European software investor Fortino Capital Partners, Cenosco has been taking ...Read More.
Sensor Networks Announces New Family of High-Temperature UT Transducers Posted: Sensor Networks, Inc., a leader in critical asset management applications, introduces a new line of high-temperature UT transducers designed specifically for operation at temperatures of up to 200-degree C (392° F). Performing inspections of "hot assets" requires transducers that are engineered with materials capable of transitioning to, and operating at, the higher temperatures associated with on-line Oil & Gas and Power Generation applications. SNI has developed and extensively tested, a family of PAUT ...Read More.
Mining and Finding Better Remote Inspection Results Posted: When it comes to the mining sector, human and environmental risks can only be effectively minimized through proactive, consistent maintenance and inspection of capital assets, infrastructure, and working environments. Eddyfi Technologies’ proven camera and crawler systems include standard, readily available components and custom solutions for assessment of confined spaces and areas that would otherwise be visually inaccessible or too hazardous for human intervention. Regularly scheduled pre ...Read More.
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