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Larson Electronics LLC Releases Vapor Proof LED Hand Lamp with 360° Illumination Posted: Industrial lighting leader, Larson Electronics, has just released a vapor proof LED inspection drop light for use during detailed tasks and inspections in hazardous locations where flammable gases and vapors may be present. This handheld lamp features a unique angled board design offering 360° light output and is an ideal fixture for mining, manufacturing and other detailed work. The VPHL-LED-ITG-100 from Larson Electronics is a 25-watt vapor proof LED inspection light that produces 2,750 lumens of white ...Read More.
Ashtead Technology Adds Bracelet Pipe Scanner to Rental Fleet Posted: In response to an increased demand for the ability to inspect smaller diameter pipes, Ashtead Technology has added the Phoenix Bracelet Scanner and the latest custom phased array probes to its fleet of rental NDT instruments. "At just 13mm the Bracelet is an extremely low profile scanner for phased array or ToFD weld inspections of small bore pipes," says NDT Market Manager Steve Drake. "Quick and easy to set up and run with one of our Olympus OmniScans or other PAUT units, the Bracelet can be used manually ...Read More.
FLIR Enables Real-time Liquid Leak Detection Posted: Toxic chemicals, such as cyanide and sulfuric acid, are widely used for metal extraction in the mining industry. Whenever unintended leaks of these chemicals occur, it can immediately have serious consequences for the environment. Traditional monitoring systems struggle to detect small leaks early enough. That’s why Canadian video analytics specialist IntelliView recently developed its DCAMTM analytic dual-camera solution for above-ground facilities. Making use of the compact FLIR A65 camera, IntelliView of ...Read More.
HZB Publishes Comprehensive Overview of Neutron-based Imaging Posted: A team of researchers at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) and European Spallation Source (ESS) has now published a comprehensive overview of neutron-based imaging processes in the renowned journal Materials Today (impact factor 21.6). The authors report on the latest developments in neutron tomography, illustrating the possible applications using examples of this non-destructive method. Neutron tomography has facilitated breakthroughs in so diverse areas such as art history, battery research, dentistry, energ ...Read More.
Nuclear Safety in Europe: EU Project NOMAD Releases Animated Clip Posted: The Euratom-funded project NOMAD (Non-destructive Evaluation (NDE) System for the Inspection of Operation-Induced Material Degradation in Nuclear Power Plants) has released a short animated clip illustrating the project’s approach and raising awareness for the importance of ensuring safety and reliability of nuclear power plants (NPPs). Since many European countries have agreed upon a lifetime extension of existing NPPs, NOMAD will make a significant contribution to guarantee their long-term safety. ...Read More.
Infrasense Researches Aerial Inspection of Bridge Decks Posted: Infrasense recently completed an internal research effort to assess the feasibility and accuracy of aerial imaging for mapping bridge deck conditions. The results of this study provided support for implementation on upcoming projects. The primary advantage of the aerial method is its efficiency. Data can be collected for hundreds of bridge decks in a single day, and, using Infrasense’s processing and analysis methods, defects can be quantified and mapped in no time! The two methods utilized for aerial su ...Read More.
UTComp Licenses GRP Inspection System to Axis Posted: UTComp is pleased to announce a licensing agreement with Axis Inspection Ltd. to bring the UltraAnalytix™ inspection system for glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) composites to customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. "We are proud to work with Axis Inspection to provide safe, fast and reliable evaluation of composites using the UltraAnalytixTM system," said Geoff Clarkson, president and CEO of UTComp. "UltraAnalytix™ is the only proven non-destructive, non-intrusive inspection method for industrial assets ...Read More.
CEPSA to Collaborate on Development of Drone Inspection in Energy Sector Posted: - The company will work with La Línea Vertical and Dronetool to develop this system, which will be carried out at Cepsa’s plant in San Roque (Cádiz). - The initiative is supported by the Center for Technological and Industrial Development (part of Spain’s Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competition). - The aim is to optimize the time and efficiency of inspection processes at industrial centers. A consortium made up of Cepsa, La Línea Vertical, a specialist engineering company focused on non-destr ...Read More.
U of Manchester CT Systems Made Available for Commercial Projects Posted: In the Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility at The University of Manchester, the unique versatility of the Nikon CT systems enable its staff members to take on a great range of research and commercial projects. Nikon CT systems have been installed in the facility for almost 20 years, and they remain the workhorses of the facility today. The University of Manchester has been using Nikon CT for almost 20 years. The first system – an XT H 225 – was installed in the year 2000. Following this first investment ...Read More.
Decommissioning - To End or Extend? Posted: The challenging conditions faced in today’s oil and gas market has increased the focus on cost effective, sustainable operations. Operators are faced with the decision of extending or ending offshore production asset life and pre-decommissioning planning has emerged as a key challenge for the industry. Mitigating uncertainty, enabling decision making and justification as to whether to end or extend asset life, as well as detailed knowledge of asset conditions is crucial. In this blog, we will discuss how a ...Read More.
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