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Industrial Grade Underwater Drone M2 PRO MAX Posted: M2 Pro Max Empowers Wider Range of Underwater Drone Operations among Multiple Industrial Scenarios including Search, Salvage & Rescue, Hull and Dock Inspections, Aquaculture and Fish Farming, Hydro dam, Reservoir and Water Utility Inspections, Environmental Protection Survey, Offshore Wind Farms Inspections and Monitoring, and Other Underwater Missions. QINGDAO, China, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Chasing-Innovation Technology ("Chasing"), a world-leading developer and manufacturer of unmanned underwate ...Read More.
HUVRdata welcomes ZynQ 360 to its Partner Network Ecosystem Posted: Today, at Energy Drone & Robotics Summit, HUVRdata, Inc. welcomes ZynQ 360 to the HUVR Partner Network (HPN) and announces 3DC capability. Both HUVRdata and ZynQ 360 exist to enable industrial asset owners to thrive in the era of industry 4.0 by helping reinvent legacy processes around the power of data. Both companies realize that the unprecedented growth in asset inspection technologies and tools has created an often-unmanageable volume and variety of data. For perspective, consider that 1 TB of produc ...Read More.
MFE Inspection Solutions Brings Autonomous LiDAR Mapping to Customers with New Emesent Partnership Posted: Houston, TX, September 7, 2022 -- MFE Inspection Solutions announced today its appointment as a reseller of Emesent, a world leader in drone autonomy. This partnership will give MFE customers access to the full line of Emesent products including their flagship product Hovermap ST, an autonomy and mapping payload. Hovermap is widely used in the mining, infrastructure, surveying, and mapping industries to scan complex environments quickly and safely. Equally capable above ground or underground, indoors or ...Read More.
You donít have to do it alone with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for tubing inspection Posted: A reliable and quick assessment of the integrity of tube heat exchangers is rather complex due to the presence of noise and interference signals. Being able to provide a quality report to your client in a timely manner is the goal of every inspection. This blog post discusses the synergy between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and certified analysts to enhance the accuracy and consistency of inspection reports. Data analysis of shell and tube heat exchangers (HX) has been around for decades yet conti ...Read More.
Leading event for Inspection & Maintenance Robotics Posted: With 400 delegates,55 international speakers and more than 50 exhibitors, the SPRINT Robotics World Conference for Inspection & Maintenance Robotics is the best place to gain insight into the global status of Inspection and Maintenance robotics. At the conference you will hear from industry trailblazers about the latest developments in Inspection and Maintenance Robotics, covering many topics including Adoption and Scaling of Robotics to New Technologies and Platforms. Over the course of two days there wi ...Read More.
How to Achieve a Sweeping View of Composite Aerospace Asset Integrity Conditions Posted: Aerophobia, or the fear of flying, is prevalent among the general population and it really is no wonder given the increased exposure to media portraying theatrical crashes or other horrifying incidents. Operating in the non-destructive testing arena, stakeholders are responsible for preventing the next big blockbuster of an episode through thorough asset integrity assessments that help ensure travelers safely reach their destination. When considering the size and unique geometry of an aircraft, the inspecti ...Read More.
Applus+ Entrusts DRIVE NDT with Digitization of NDT Workflow Posted: Applus+ Germany is one of the largest providers of non-destructive testing (NDT) services in Germany and with more than 20,000 employees in over 70 countries is one of the largest companies in the industry worldwide. In order to cement its leading position over the longer term, Applus+ is investing in future technologies. One of the key challenges of the future is the digitalization of all NDT processes. "A key promise is that the test report of an accredited company is the last word for the professional ...Read More.
Wrinkle Detection in Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites Posted: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY An inspection services company provided dolphitech with a curved section of a wind turbine blade skin material made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer to test the ability of the dolphicam2 to detect out-of-plane wrinkles. The dolphicam2+ with a TRM-EC-1.5MHz transducer module could successfully detect wrinkles and delaminations in the part. The results are presented in the following capability study. INTRODUCTION The trend of increasing wind turbine blade length continues in orde ...Read More.
DEKRA Participates in 30th Edition of CHEMTECH World Expo Posted: DEKRA participated in the 30th Edition of CHEMTECH World Expo from 8th - 11th June 2022 at JIO World Convention Centre, Mumbai. CHEMTECH World Expo is a platform for global chemical manufacturing companies to collaborate and invite participants from industries like EPC, Specialty Chemicals, Refining & Petrochemicals, Water, Industrial Automation & Control, Pumps Valves & Fittings making it an effective forum for B2B suppliers focussing on equipment manufacturing and technology service providers. Being one o ...Read More.
PFE Ltd. Relies on FLIR Thermal Studio to Accelerate Asset Inspections Posted: British inspection specialist PFE Limited uses FLIR Thermal Studio software to accelerate site inspections and reporting, and to deliver consistent reporting quality to its demanding customer base. Based in Wallasey, North-West England, PFE Limited is a family-owned business, specializing in a wide range of inspection and reliability services for industrial customers. To provide trustworthy and repeatable reporting quality, PFE engineers make use of the latest technology on the market for vibration analysis ...Read More.
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