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Automated Gauging is IMTS 2022 Highlight Posted: New Scale Robotics will highlight its Q-Span® Automated Gauging System at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS 2022) Sept. 12-17 in Chicago. Continuous live demonstrations in the booth will show this flexible robotic workstation measuring parts and collecting the data using three common gauges. A Monday morning conference session will help QC teams explore how to get started and what benefits to expect from gauging automation. Booth Demos: Automating Micrometer, Caliper and Bore G ...Read More.
Sonyks™, A Guided User Experience Posted: In this article I share my first experience with the guided wave testing (GWT) instrument, Sonyks™. It must have been around 2008 when I first discovered GWT in the field of non-destructive testing (NDT), and I was quite intimidated by the complexity the subject was showing firsthand. As an experienced ultrasonic testing (UT) operator from the ‘90s, I had trouble understanding parts of the physics, particularly the behaviour of the different waveforms, as guided wave testing does not really compare ...Read More.
Nestor Makarigakis: The MISTRAS Group’s Marketing Wizard Posted: Back in 1990, at the age of 10, his father volunteered him to create 100 posters with the slogan "Macedonia is Greek" and "Never Forget Cyprus 1974" for the massive rally held in Washington, DC. By the age of 11, he started making replicas of emblems from the Batman movie and sold them to children in his neighborhood. Today, Nestor Makarigakis, who started off as a talented artist during childhood has turned into a real-life entrepreneurial superhero, serving as the executive director and vice-president of ...Read More.
MISTRAS OneSuite™ Sees Early Gains Posted: MISTRAS OneSuite™, the first-ever asset protection software ecosystem recently released by MISTRAS Group, Inc. (NYSE: MG) — a leading "one source" multinational provider of integrated technology-enabled asset protection solutions — is continuing to digitally transform asset protection, driven by early gains in customer adoption. OneSuite™ has now been implemented for nearly 40 customers at over 100 unique customer sites, with over 800 individual subscriptions since its inception in January 2021. The ecos ...Read More.
Donecle has acquired Dronétix to Extend Automated Aircraft Inspection Posted: Donecle, the leading company in drone-based automated aircraft inspection, acquired Dronétix Technologie on April 20th to further expand the scope of its robotic inspections for airlines & MROs. Dronétix is a French company that has been developing an autonomous mapping drone for industrial assets since 2018. The technology enables automatic data capture and 3D reconstruction of small assets such as aircraft engines or landing gear. The solution is easy to deploy, with no need for a prior model of the ob ...Read More.
Levatas Raises $5.5 Million to Expand Development of Cognitive Intelligence for Robots and Drones Posted: Levatas, developers of AI software that enables robots, drones, remote sensors, and fixed cameras to execute operational tasks at industrial sites, announced that it has raised $5.5 million in a seed round led by Castellan Group. Levatas was founded by CEO Chris Nielsen, along with partners Ryan Gay and Daniel Bruce, who serve as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Product Officer, respectively. The funding will be used to grow the machine learning engineering team, help the company extend into additional ...Read More.
Terra Inspectioneering and Sitech Services Announce Strategic Alliance Posted: Terra Inspectioneering B.V. and Sitech Services B.V. entered into a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the next three years. The main goal of this SLA is the deployment of innovative inspection technologies based on the latest robotic/drones technology at the Chemelot site. Chemelot stands for a multi-user chemical/industrial site of over 800 hectares in Limburg, Netherlands. The representative of Sitech Services, Wilbert Derks mentioned: "Innovative inspections using robots and drones are becoming mo ...Read More.
Pine Environmental Equipment Highlight – SARCOS Guardian-S Magnetic Robotic Crawler Posted: Pine Environmental Equipment Highlight – SARCOS Guardian-S Magnetic Robotic Crawler. Pine is the exclusive Channel Partner for SARCOS products and is available for rental or purchase through Pine. Pine provides short and long-term rentals, rent-to-own, and financing options. This product has many applications, including boiler visual inspection, coal transport systems, coal, and Silo bunkers, tool and debris retrieval, energy pipe inspection, remote scanning and 3D image capture, steam drums and lines, and ...Read More.
Pine Environmental Equipment Highlight – CUES Pushrod and Well Cameras Posted: Pine Environmental Equipment Highlight – CUES Pushrod and Well Cameras. Pine is the exclusive Channel Partner for CUES products and is available for rental or purchase through Pine. Pine provides short and long-term rentals, rent-to-own, and financing options. These products have many applications, including pipe inspection and repair, plumbing pipes, drain inspection, tool and debris retrieval, deep well inspection, sewer lines, oil & gas inspection, and municipalities. Be sure to visit our website for all ...Read More.
Uncovering Unseen Manufacturing Defects with Eddy Current Array Posted: With such a strong emphasis put on the integrity of in-service pipelines, we rarely discuss the non-destructive testing (NDT) required for brand-new steel pipes and plates coming out of the mill. Manufacturing defects are inevitable and often invisible to the naked eye. It is important to implement an effective inspection process as these defects can reduce the longevity of the pipe and present major risks to the ecology and human life should a failure occur. Even worse, those defects can remain dormant for ...Read More.
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