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Energid SDK Powers Motiv Robotics Posted: Motiv’s RoboMantis is a modular robotic system that has four limbs and up to two manipulators. It is capable of quadrupedal walking mobility as well as wheeled motion. The integration of Actin on the RoboMantis platform enables a coordinated control of the full RoboMantis and hence take advantage of the hardware’s control and payload capabilities. Actin’s constraint-based kinematics allows simplifying the programming of the RoboMantis, which can have upwards of 38 degrees of freedom. Software Arc ...Read More.
MFE Expands U.S. Territory Agreement with Flyability Posted: MFE recently finalized an agreement to expand the U.S. territory in which it sells Flyability drones. Flyability is the creator of the Elios and the Elios 2 drones with a unique collapsible-cage design made just for inspections in confined spaces like boilers and pressure vessels. The new agreement grants MFE Enterprises the exclusive right to sell Flyability’s collision-tolerant drones for inspections and monitoring, the Elios and the Elios 2, in eleven U.S. states. Five of these states are located in ...Read More.
New Book Details the UK’s Nuclear History Posted: The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT) recently published ‘Golden Egg or Poisoned Chalice?: The Story of Nuclear Power in the UK’, by Tony Wooldridge and Stephen Druce. The book covers the civil nuclear programme from the early post-war years to the present day. The authors, who have both held senior roles in the nuclear industry, have lifted the lid on the factors that influenced policy decisions with the help of new evidence made available under the 30-year rule and freedom of informatio ...Read More.
Neurala Partners with AviSight to Deliver AI-Powered Drone Inspections Posted: AI-powered visual inspections pioneer Neurala today announced a collaboration with drone service provider AviSight to identify defects in critical infrastructure. AviSight’s Live Look Fault Vision™ inspection solution will be integrated with Neurala’s software to flag potential issues in infrastructure such as oil and gas pipelines, wind turbines and cell and electrical towers. By partnering with AviSight, Neurala is able to provide end-to-end service to inspection customers who require a complete soluti ...Read More.
Seven reasons for DICONDE Posted: In the medical sector, the DICOM Standard (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) regulates the digital image management since more than 20 years. It defines the communication and exchange of data between (patient) administration systems, imaging modalities and storage archives and is established worldwide with manufacturers of modalities and software as well as hospitals and users. The advantages of DICOM for the medical area have been uncovered by ASTM for the industrial material testing. In 20 ...Read More.
Researchers Develop Method of Directly Observing Setting of Concrete Paste Posted: Researchers have developed a nondestructive and noninvasive optical technique that can determine the setting times for various types of cement paste, which is used to bind new and old concrete surfaces. The new method could aid in the development of optimized types of cement with less impact on the environment. "Our noninvasive optical method characterizes and determines the setting time of cement, which is a very important parameter for the construction industry," said José Ortiz-Lozano, a membe ...Read More.
Flyability to Host Conference in Denver, CO USA Posted: Flyability, Swiss creator of the groundbreaking Elios 2 drone for indoor inspections, will be hosting a two-day conference March 18 and 19 in Denver, CO to inaugurate the opening of its first U.S. office. In an upcoming two-day conference Flyability will host over 100 attendees and a dozen featured speakers, including representatives from various U.S. companies that use its drones for indoor inspections. The event will take place on March 18 and 19 at the Colorado School of Mines. Attendance is free ...Read More.
Bureau Veritas Announces Partnership Agreement with Infrastructure Preservation Corporation Posted: Bureau Veritas a world-leader in testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) services, announced it has entered into an exclusive partnership agreement in North America with Infrastructure Preservation Corporation (IPC), a complex bridge and infrastructure inspection, non-destructive testing, and robotics engineering company. Through this partnership, Bureau Veritas will deliver innovative robotics and technology inspection solutions, in the US and Canada, that integrate into the company's global buildings ...Read More.
Echo 6HT Fluid Couplant Introduced as a Low Cost Replacement for Peanut and Canola Oil Posted: Echo Ultrasonics is proud to introduce their new line of ultrasonic couplant, 6HT. 6HT is a new AUT/robotics pumpable ultrasound coupling fluid with a similar cost to peanut, canola and mineral oil. Echo 6HT eliminates sticky residue, smoke and varnish left on parts and offers a pronounced safety advantage. Echo 6 HT is viscosity stable, enabling pumping at lower temperatures when cooking or mineral oils are too thick to move through umbilical lines. Choose a professional AUT/Robotics fluid. ...Read More.
GE Inspection Rebrands as Waygate Technologies Posted: The inspection technologies business of Baker Hughes Digital Solutions introduced a new name, logo and website on January 28, 2020. The former GE Inspection Technologies (GEIT) is now called Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business. As the world leader in non-destructive testing (NDT), Waygate Technologies offers the broadest portfolio of industrial inspection solutions – including radiography and computed tomography (CT), remote visual inspection, ultrasound and eddy current technologies – that e ...Read More.
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