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How How the 4IR is Driving Energy Innovation in the Real World Posted: From the rollout of intelligent machinery to the industrial deployment of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), the world is undergoing a fundamental transformation that is creating new possibilities. Technologies once confined to the realms of science fiction are now an integral part of life. For the energy industry, these new technologies can help us achieve breakthroughs in efficiency, safety and reducing CO2 emissions. In discussions about the future, ours is an industry too often portrayed as bein ...Read More.
NIST Builds Neutron Camera That Can Penetrate Surfaces Posted: ABSTRACT We experimentally demonstrate that electrically neutral particles, neutrons, can be used to directly visualize the electrostatic field inside a target volume that can be physically isolated or occupied. Electric field images are obtained using a spin-polarized neutron beam with a recently developed polarimetry method for polychromatic beams that permits detection of a small angular change in spin orientation. This Letter may enable a new diagnostic technique sensitive to the structure of electri ...Read More.
VIA Software For Quality Inspection in Manufacturing Posted: Vision AI software company, Neurala, has announced the launch of its Neurala VIA (Vision Inspection Automation) Authorized Partner program, to help manufacturers leverage the power of vision AI to improve quality inspection and adapt to fluctuating consumer demand. Neurala VIA Authorized Partners are a global network of integrators and distributors with expertise in helping manufacturers adopt automation and implement Industry 4.0 initiatives. Neurala’s channel program brings broader adoption and a ...Read More.
Ultrasonic Thickness Gaging of Exhaust Gas Scrubbers Posted: Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) – more commonly known as "scrubbers" – are currently being installed on thousands of vessels worldwide in order to comply with the IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap. And as a recent innovation within the maritime industry, they have not been without some early issues, including EGCS corrosion. The wash water from scrubbers, now containing pollutants it has filtered, is acidic and therefore highly corrosive. The effects of the acidic nature of the corrosive scrubber wash water on the i ...Read More.
Nanofocus Resolution with ADVACAM WidePIX Detectors Posted: Achieving the limits of resolution in nanofocus X-ray inspection requires finding the most appropriate combination of X-ray detector and X-ray source. A joint project to explore the capabilities of their components was initiated by ADVACAM s.r.o from Prague and X-RAY WorX GmbH from Garbsen. The combination of ADVACAM’s photon counting WidePIX detectors with the nanofocus tube XWT-190-TCNF yielded a performance even below the tube’s nominal resolution of 0.5 microns. ADVACAM develops the WidePIX line of h ...Read More.
Industrial Grade Terahertz Time Domain Spectroscopy Posted: Intended for inline thickness gauging, an industrial terahertz time-domain spectroscopy system based on electronically controlled optical sampling measures terahertz pulses at kilohertz rates in harsh environments. Inline thickness gauging is currently among the most promising industrial applications for terahertz optical technologies. Acting on this demand, TOPTICA Photonics (Gräfelfing, Germany) has developed a terahertz time-domain system based on electronically controlled optical sampling (ECOP ...Read More.
MFE Rentals Partners with Boston Dynamics to Offer Autonomous Agile Robot SPOT to Customers Posted: HOUSTON, TX - Inspection solutions provider MFE Rentals announces its partnership with global mobile robotics leader Boston Dynamics today giving MFE Rentals customers premier access to the groundbreaking SPOT® robot. Boston Dynamics designed SPOT® to go where other robots cannot go and perform a broad number of tasks, making it a revolutionary asset across myriad applications. Operators may use Spot to monitor remote or hazardous environments, automate documentation of construction progress, and provid ...Read More.
Aetina Launches Platform for Edge AI for Inspection, Drones, and More Posted: Aetina Corporation, the provider of high-performance GPGPU and edge AI computing solutions, announced the new AN810-XNX edge AI computer leveraging powerful capabilities of the NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX. This edge AI computer provided various alternatives of I/O slot, nicely expand its range of edge AI systems built on the Jetson platform for robotics, drone, UAV, industrial inspection, medical imaging, and deep learning. The AN810-XNX combines the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX and Aetina brand new AN810 carri ...Read More.
Olympus and Hellier NDT Extend Collaboration to Train Future NDT Inspectors Posted: WALTHAM, Mass., (October 14, 2020) — Furthering a partnership that began in 1986, Olympus, a leading manufacturer of innovative nondestructive testing (NDT) solutions, has supplied Hellier’s Houston, Texas location with advanced NDT inspection equipment. The industry-leading OmniScan™ X3 phased array flaw detector with FMC/TFM and other Olympus instruments will be used to train this next generation of inspectors in ultrasonic testing (UT). Hellier strives to prepare its students for real work scenarios a ...Read More.
Jacobs to Lead European Union-Funded Nuclear Power Plant Research Posted: DALLAS – Jacobs (NYSE:J) was selected to lead an international consortium whose cutting-edge research could lead to extensions in the operational lifespan of nuclear power plants around the world. The INCEFA-SCALE program (INcreasing safety in nuclear power plants by Covering gaps in Environmental Fatigue Assessment) aims to reduce uncertainties about how critical components will perform when subjected to the harsh conditions inside operational nuclear power reactors. Although components and material ...Read More.
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