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X-Ray Products Emerge from Global Partnership
This year, three global leaders in technology have joined forces. VJ Technologies, a division of VJ Group, is proud to announce their partnership with German-based organizations Erhardt + Abt and the Development Center for X-ray Technology EZRT of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS. Erhardt + Abt is a world leader in turn-key automation solutions for a wide range of industries, while the Development Center for X-ray Technology EZRT of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS leads the local and international industry in research and development for x-ray technologies. VJT’s engineering prowess in x-ray inspection and world-leading imaging technology and software, in combination with E+A’s expertise in precision handling and comprehensive solutions and Fraunhofer’s innovation in product and technology development, has created a collaboration that will offer products and solutions with the highest throughput and image quality for high-volume casting production environments.

Together, VJT, E+A, and Fraunhofer are leveraging their relationship to perfect design and engineering elements for the development of new x-ray inspection systems. Their partnership has created a new standard in x-ray inspection solutions for the most demanding of production environments, "a new world-class line of products," said Vijay Alreja, CEO of VJ Group.

Introducing Three New Groundbreaking Products

Three introductory products stemming from the new collaboration offer unique solutions to meet the unique needs and requirements of VJT’s wide range of customers. These products will officially launch at the start of 2017, however there has already been buzz around the machines, with VJT offering exclusive information and viewings at industry tradeshows.

The collection of products includes the HeiDetect Wheel Robot, allowing for 40-70% more throughput for wheel manufacturing inspection, the ValuCT/ValuCT+, a 2-level product that allows for easy one- touch computed tomography, and the HeiDetect Inline CT that’s fully automated to scan parts in just 35 seconds. The new systems will all leverage VJ X-Ray sources and VJ Group’s world-leading Vi3TM Software Suite.

E+A and Fraunhofer are also on track to improve automation for other existing VJT products, further enhancing and evolving the technology for the company, and the industry.

New Sales Management & Opportunities

In addition to their technological partnership, E+A will begin managing all of VJT’s European sales, first for their new collaborative products, and eventually transitioning to fully manage sales for VJT’s complete line of products as well as pursuing new sales opportunities in the region.

About VJ Technologies

Custom imaging software and hardware products, solutions and services for industry and government.

Founded in 1987, VJ Technologies is a leading global provider of x-ray inspection solutions. We apply our radioscopic digital imaging expertise to government agencies and nondestructive testing (NDT) markets throughout the world.
VJT develops and manufactures a complete line of automated, manual, and turnkey X-ray inspection systems. Primary market sectors include: aerospace, automotive, electronics, remediation, nuclear, oil & gas, and pipe & weld applications. VJT x-ray inspection systems are used for radioscopic inspection of products and assemblies to detect defects or foreign matter, reduci ng cost and time while increasing quality and safety.

VJT delivers a competitive advantage over other companies through our network of global offices. In the 21st century, VJT continues to nurture emerging technologies and provide innovative solutions for global customers.

About E+A

For almost 20 years, Erhardt + Abt has been supplying turnkey automation solutions for a wide range of different industries. As part of the HEITEC Group with a total of 1,000 employees at numerous locations in Germany, and abroad, Heitec and

Erhardt + Abt offer customer and industry expertise.
In addition to robot based solutions Erhardt + Abt provides high automated x-ray inspection solutions for the wheel and automotive industry.


Fraunhofer-Development Center X-ray Technology EZRT

The Fraunhofer Development Center X-ray Technology EZRT, a division of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, is working in close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Nonde-structive Testing IZFP in Saarbrücken. Fraunhofer EZRT is an internationally leading research and development center in the area of non-destructive monitoring along the entire materials value chain of the product life cycle, ranging from raw materials via production towards recycling.

Fraunhofer EZRT is defining and advancing the state of the art in this area, especially by applying imaging X-ray and magnetic resonance techniques as well as optical inspection technologies. The research areas include sensor systems, simulation for data acquisition, image processing for data enhancement and evaluation (metadata acquisition), system development, metrology as well as applications and training. According to the Fraunhofer mission EZRT is positioning itself between basic research in the area of non-destructive imaging and industrial utilization in cooperation with end customers and OEMs. In order to enhance the competitive situation of the Bavarian, German and European economy and to develop new markets and fields of applications Fraunhofer EZRT is developing application-oriented solutions up to turnkey prototype systems. If required, we also assist our partners when transferring those to volume production.

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