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Eclipse Releases BeamTool 8
Fast, Easy, Open Technique Development For NDT

Our innovation is fueled by customer feedback. By meeting customer needs and exceeding expectations, BeamTool has become the world’s most popular application for designing ultrasonic inspection plans.

Successful inspections start with a plan and BeamTool makes it easy to model, validate and document your Phased Array, TOFD and Conventional Ultrasonic inspection plans with confidence.

Easy to use and powerful, BeamTool has continued to evolve and provide tools to improve proficiency and accuracy of ultrasonic inspections. From technicians in the field, to researchers and authors, BeamTool provides the indispensable toolset for the NDT industry.

BeamTool now supports:

Dual Phased Array probes
DLA & DMA Probes with Focal Law Export
Beam Highlighting and Focal Law Delay Visualization
Asymmetrical Welds
Clad Material Support
Transverse Probes
Improved CAD Tools
Sound Mode Colorization
Compound S-Scan
Dissimilar Weld Material