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Reliability & Maintenance 2018 Call for Papers

May 22-25, 2018
Convention Center
San Antonio, TX

Call for Presentations

Submission Deadline – November 3, 2017

Changes are underway for the 2018 Reliability & Maintenance Conference program. We are looking for presentations on topics considered to have the most significant impacts on the petroleum refining & petrochemical manufacturing industries. We are also working on new sets, room configurations, technology options and greater opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing. If you have done something novel, implemented a new technology, learned an especially valuable lesson, or improved your organization’s effectiveness, the Program Committee invites you to present your results in a workshop and then facilitate a discussion among the attendees. A significant portion of the session should be devoted to this dialogue. Successful presentations will be chosen based on quality and how relevant they are to the topics most important to refinery leadership.

We encourage all presentations to have an operating company partner where possible. Please identify any partners through the co-presenter field.


Big Data and Energy Information

How can operations data be leveraged to enhance performance and optimization?
How are organizations using data from their CMMS, IDMS, etc. to improve their reliability, manage routine maintenance and drive down costs in a responsible manner.

Contractor Management

Developing culture alignment between the contractor/owner relationship to build consistency around the work process.
Emerging Best Practices (willing to share with attendees)
Emerging Technologies for Performance Improvement and Risk Reduction
What new technologies are available for performance improvement, communication, and cost savings?
How do smart phones, video training, wireless technologies used in the facility, management of wireless devices, smart plant software technology that manages below the operations alarm level, etc. play in today's refining and petrochemical world?
Drone Use and Drone Management and Issues
Digital Updating and RFID's

How to Become a High Reliability Organization

What is a High Reliability Organization?
Application of Human Performance and Reliability to the refining and petrochemical industries
How to measure performance. Case studies preferred. (RBI, RCM, etc.)

Inspection Technologies

New processes and techniques
Monitoring and inspection technologies that limit personnel exposure and reduce the need to strip insulation


Instrumentation Reliability and Maintenance
Thermoelements and thermometers
Control valves and accessories
Differential pressure (D/P) transmitters
Flow measurement devices/transmitters
Process switches (level, temp., press., flow)
Level measurement devices/transmitters
Pressure transducers

Data Analytics (CMMS, EAM) to drive improvement and reduce OpEx
Life Cycle Engineering
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling (MPS) Best Practices

Capital project execution

Mechanical Integrity (Case studies)
Improvement opportunities for Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs)
Corrosion – Problems and prevention.
Corrosion Under Insulation (CUIs)
Damage Mechanisms
New and Innovative Repair Technologies

Planning & Scheduling

Optimizing uptime through optimizing maintenance and turnaround activities
Deployment of technology solutions to improve maintenance planning/efficiency.
Process Safety

Incident Learnings

Project Engineering and Project Management Best Practices

Root-Cause Failure Analysis

Turnaround Optimization

What are leading operating companies doing to ensure successful best practices and optimization?

Workforce Development

Recruitment & Education
Attracting engineers
Investing in long term careers
Suppling craft employees
Mentorship and apprenticeship
Employee retention
Filling the retirement GAP with younger professionals

Submission Deadline – November 3, 2017