SECU-CHEK Launches Rechargeable LiIon Battery Pack at APCNDT Singapore
By: Marc Breit
Source: SECU-CHEK GmbH
SECU-CHEK, the German technology leading UV LED lamp manufacturer, launched today at the Asia-Pacific NDT Show 2017 in Singapore its groundbreaking external LiIon Battery pack BION one, that runs all SECU-CHEK handlamps independent from a mains supply.

BION one allows to operate the H1 handlamps up to 12 hours with one single, fully charged, battery pack. The most popular UVE 365 H1-18 WFL hand lamp with 6 UV LEDs can be operated 6 hours uninterrupted with the BION one, the H2-24 (8 UV LEDs) runs with 4 hours as long as the maximum charging time is.

The weight of 1,1 kg (2,4 lbs) allows the double or triple of operation time than comparable, rechargeable NiMH batteries available.

The external battery pack BION one is housed in an extremely rugged aluminum case, equipped with an integrated belt clip and a detachable shoulder strap, for easy carrying on a belt and to wear it comfortably around the waist or over the shoulder.

SECU-CHEK’s hand lamps are compliant to the following standards and requirements, when mains operated and also when mobile powered by the BION one battery pack:

- Airbus AITM 6-1001 (issue 11) – actually the most demanding Aerospace requirement worldwide for UV LED lamps in NDT. Issue 11 is in this moment the only released Airbus standard in place for UV LED lamps for penetrant inspection of Airbus parts

- ASTM E-3022

- Boeing

- EN ISO 3059

- NADCAP Checklist AC 7114/1 and AC7114/2 without additional intensity measurement (after inspection) due to the security switch off when a low battery occurs

- Pratt & Whitney

- Rolls-Royce RRES 90061

SECU-CHEK has its roots in the Fluorescent Magnetic Testing and Penetrant Testing Inspection process.

As NDT experts SECU-CHEK develops its UV LED lamps based on the technical and practical needs for NDT professionals to enhance the inspection performance and to make inspection easier and more secure.

By supporting the human vision as its best and to make the inspection faster and much more fatigue-proof than when using standard Mercury Vapour Lamps and Xenon Lamps or most UV LED Lamps actually on the market SECU-CHEK UV LED Lamps come with a more uniform and large beams.

The soft drop-off at the edge allows easy detection and gives orientation within the inspection area. The extreme large usable areas (with more than 100 µW/cm˛ intensity) ensure optimal, simple and easy detection of indications as well as ergonomic inspection where the lamp follows intuitively the movement of the eyes.

For better inspection SECU-CHEK UV LED lamps have various groundbreaking features integrated like automatic adaption time signalization, auto switch off in case of critical failure (ON = GOOD or OFF, if not good; nothing in between) to be at least as secure as Mercury vapor lamps and due to FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION in NDT!

The ECO-Mode of the UVE series, that switches off the lamp automatically if not used and turns it automatically on when moved again. The ECO-Mode can easily cut the costs for the UV LED Lamp to the half or one-third, if user do not switch off the lamps when not used.

The automatic dimming white light allows interpretation with white light as never before without flash-blinding the inspector’s eyes.

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