NDT Shaves Days Off BOP Inspection Time
Source: E&P Magazine
A fingerprintís beauty is found in its uniqueness. In each arch, loop and whorl of the print, lie the identifying characteristics that set one person apart from another. Machines also bear similar telltale marks of individuality. So do the bolts, flanges, nuts and studs holding those machines together. But short of cracking open its exterior, how can one visually inspect the condition of a machineís interior components?

One way is through nondestructive testing (NDT) to ensure all components of a system are functioning in a reliable and cost-effective manner. In 2015 Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), formerly GE Oil & Gas, piloted its NDT BOP Inspection Technology System that leveraged 4-D scanning using digital fingerprinting to deliver rig-based inspection and recertification of BOPs without disassembly.

Using robotics, analytics and phased array ultrasonic testing, periodic inspections create a 4-D comparison of BOP components. The fingerprint becomes the baseline for equipment condition at any point in its life cycle. By digitally comparing the current scan against previous scans, changes are highlighted and mapped. The system has been used with several customers, including four BOP stacks for Diamond Offshore as part of the contractual services agreement the companies entered into in 2016.

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