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Sensor Networks Releases microPIMS Permanently Installed Sensor Array
Sensor Networks, Inc. (SNI) of Boalsburg, PA is pleased to announce the release of its newest Installed Sensor, Ultrasonic Corrosion / Erosion Monitoring product line: microPIMS®. The product will debut at NACE International’s Annual Corrosion Conference in Phoenix, AZ April 15 – 19, 2018.

microPIMS incorporates all of the tried-and-proven ultrasonic measurement and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities earned with SNI’s large installed base of smartPIMS® systems running around the world.

Unique to microPIMS is that all data gets transmitted 100% wirelessly from the sensor to webPIMSTM, an AWS-hosted web portal, allowing users to easily view the thickness, temperature and metal-loss data from anywhere in the world via a web-enabled device. One to thousands of microPIMS sensors can connect to a single central gateway.

microPIMS also includes the choice of two different measurement sensors, a High-temp (300◦ F; 150◦ C) Dual-element and an Ultra-high-temp (932◦ F; 500◦ C) delay-line transducer that can span a thickness range from 0.040" (1.0 mm) to 6.0" (150 mm) with 0.001" (0.025 mm) measurement resolution. The battery-powered sensors are easy to install or reposition as needed.