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Ionix & Inductosense Release TRND Wireless In-service Corrosion Monitoring
Ionix Advanced Technologies (Leeds, UK) and Inductosense (Bristol, UK) is proud to announce the release of its latest collaboration for Ultrasonic Corrosion / Erosion Trending: "TRND."

The system will launch at NACE International’s Corrosion Conference Exhibition in Phoenix, AZ April 16 – 19, 2018.

TRND offers a cost-effective move from conventional corrosion inspection to in-service condition monitoring whilst removing significant investment in infrastructure and hardware.

Built on the industry-leading, high-temperature HotSenseTM platform and wirelessly connected by Inductosense’s battery-less WAND technology, the TRND system can be retrospectively installed and implemented within the harshest of environments. Within minutes of installation quantitative wall thickness data can be acquired, remotely analysed and reported through the cloud-based data management system.

Features include:

• Thickness monitoring without investment in additional infrastructure or wireless nodes or mesh networks
• Cloud-based corrosion trend reporting – all you need is a tablet
• Truly high-temperature ultrasonics – built on the HotSense platform, TRND offers intrinsically safe ultrasonic thickness measurements in Zone 0 explosive environments up to 350 C / 660 F continuously.
• Contactless measurements – based on the inductosense wireless WAND technology, no extra infrastructure is required, and includes RFID location management.
• Battery-free – Powered only in the presence of the WAND. The system bridges the gap between conventional inspection models and autonomous monitoring systems
• CUI defence deployment – reduced profile of our sensors allow retro-fit installation to existing assets under insulation (IUI) maintaining integrity of CUI defences.

At less than 1.2 kgs total mass, TRND can be deployed anywhere including elbows and via rope access. Absolute thickness better than 0.1 mm across the temperature range.

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