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Kespry Builds Aerial Intelligence Platform for Inspection
Menlo Park, California-based Kespry has built an aerial intelligence platform based on the use of industrial drones powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Kespry’s aerial intelligence platform is used in cases such as construction, mining and aggregates, as well as insurance claims. What makes Kespry’s drones more durable than "off-the-shelf" rivals is that it can withstand higher-wind conditions, handle longer flight times and has much high-resolution cameras. To learn more about Kespry, I interviewed Chairman and CEO George Mathew.

Mathew has been involved in scaling technology companies at various stages of growth over the last 20 years. Mathew said that his roles were most recently leaning towards early to mid-stage startups. Prior to joining Kespry, Mathew worked in a variety of positions at Alteryx, SAP and At those companies, Mathew was involved in "driving company strategy, leading product management and development, and building sales and marketing teams."

Mathew told me that when he joined Kespry in early 2017, he was focused on leading the company’s mission to transform the future of industrial work with market-leading drone and sensor technology. "I tend to exhaustively focus on our customers’ needs so we can deliver world-class aerial intelligence products. Our products are targeted to very specific industry use-cases that enable industrial work to be accomplished more precisely, efficiently, and most importantly, more safely than the status quo," said Mathew in the interview.

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