Larson Electronics LLC Releases Vapor Proof LED Hand Lamp with 360° Illumination
Industrial lighting leader, Larson Electronics, has just released a vapor proof LED inspection drop light for use during detailed tasks and inspections in hazardous locations where flammable gases and vapors may be present. This handheld lamp features a unique angled board design offering 360° light output and is an ideal fixture for mining, manufacturing and other detailed work.

The VPHL-LED-ITG-100 from Larson Electronics is a 25-watt vapor proof LED inspection light that produces 2,750 lumens of white light. An angled board configuration inside the unit offers 360° illumination for full lighting requirements. The LED lights used in this hand lamp provide cooler operation, better light quality and great light color, making them safe and reliable for hazardous environments and close inspection work.

This certified vapor proof drop light is built to survive and thrive in hazardous conditions and rugged use. It features a nylon zytel handle for safe and sturdy grip, and an aluminum alloy wire guard to protect the fixtures’ tempered soda lime frosted glass dome. An annealed aluminum wire swivel hook provides a durable overhead mounting option. The VPHL-LED-ITG-100 comes with a 10-foot-long 16/3 SOOW cable for long range and safe, convenient operation in wet areas.

"This vapor proof LED drop light is a lightweight and convenient inspection tool for operators," said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. "The portability of this light allows operators to mount the lamp on poles, hooks, corners, even indentions and chains."

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