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Dantec Introduces FlawExplorer Laser Shearography System
Energy prices and environmental concerns are driving development and use of new, lightweight materials and various composite designs. Many of these materials are accompanied with limited material, production knowledge and inspector experience. Speed and time to market constrains are pushing researchers, designers, material and inspection experts to utilize new quality control solutions. Existing processes and methods are being challenged, sometimes delivering limited or inconclusive results. Professionals therefore need to think outside the box, and extend their toolboxes and capabilities to accommodate the new challenges and demands.

Dantecís FlawExplorerTWO industrialized Shearography System is a non-contact, optical NDT inspection solution used in the manufacturing and quality control areas. In addition, it can easily be deployed in the research and development area to evaluate advanced (non-homogenous) materials.

Shearography is an optimum Non Destructive Evaluation solution and maybe tailored specifically for integrated quality control process. Industries supported today are Aerospace, Automotive, Wind Power, Marine, Aviation, Textile and other Composite related industries. The FlawExplorer actively supports the entire product life cycle from R&D, to componentry (manufacturing), assembly, end-test to in-service operation.

Applicable materials include, but are not limited to; composite honeycomb, rubber, composite overwrapped pressure vessels (COPV), ceramics, glass-fiber laminates, metal honeycombs, carbon-fiber (CFRP) laminates, fiber-metal laminates, bi-metals, foam-cores, cork, leather and metal-metal bonds.

Depending on the material strength and depth of defects within a sample, Laser Shearography can detect most defects and discontinuities that occur in composite structures, including: disbonds, delaminations, cracked cores, crushed cores, kissing bonds, wrinkling, fluid ingresses, porosity, cracks, repair defects and impact damage (BVIDs). Additional structural information such as ply drops, bulkheads, overlaps, splices, stringers and ribs, can also be detected.

Special FlawExplorerTWO introduction offers especially for Universities and research centers are available on request.

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