Webinar: Inspecting HVAC and Heat Exchangers using the NORTEC® 600D Flaw Detector
Webinar on September 11, 2018

Heat exchangers come in many shapes and sizes. Several variables, such as material, outside diameter, and wall thickness, have an effect on which technology and probe are appropriate to inspect the exchanger. Tube testing can be confusing, but this webinar will help to demystify it by exploring the theory behind tube testing and showing a complete hands-on demo using the NORTEC 600D flaw detector with the HVAC and Heat Exchanger kit. This kit enables inspectors to use eddy current technology (ECT), remote field technology (RFT), and near field technology (NFT) just as they would with a MultiScan 5800™ tube inspection system, but with much greater portability. This solution is ideal for newcomers to the tube testing market as well as experienced inspectors that want to revamp their fleet with a highly portable system. This presentation is technically advanced and is addressed to NDT operators and engineers.


Terence Burke
Product Applications Leader, Eddy Current and Bond Testing

Based in Quebec City, Canada, Terence has been with Olympus for several years. He started as an intern and worked his way up to the Product Management team. Today, his responsibilities include answering customer questions about tube testing and conducting training on Olympus eddy current products.