DÜRR NDT X-ray Film Chemicals BAM-certified for FOMA INDUX Films
By: DÜRR NDT GmbH & Co. KG
Source: https://www.duerr-ndt.com
The well-tried XR D-6 NDT / XR F-6 NDT X-ray chemicals for industrial film processing are now also BAM-certified for use with FOMA INDUX films in accordance with standards DIN EN ISO 11699-1:2012 and ASTM E1815-08. Free of boric acid, hydroquinone and aldehyde, these green chemicals make an important contribution to the protection of people and the environment.

Our products are completely devoid of hazard labels and fully compliant with REACH, for the best possible protection of people and nature.

We have removed all harmful and carcinogenic content from our patented X-ray chemicals. Instead of hydroquinone and aldehyde, we use vitamin C for the NDT Developer, and the NDT Fixer is free of boric acid. Our containers are made of polyethylene, so they are materially and thermally recyclable, and 60 % of the carton packaging is made of recycled paper.

Stunning results, whether you process your films manually or automatically. The activity of the developer complies with the reference values for speed index Sr and contrast index Cr re- quired with pre-exposed test film strips "AGFA CERTIFIED PMC STRIPS to DIN EN ISO 11699-2" and "INDUSTREX PROCESS CONTROL STRIPS certified to the DIN EN ISO 11699-2 standard".

By using vitamin C instead of carcinogenic hydroquinone
and aldehyde, there is no longer any silver deposited on roller guides and tanks. There is also no more hard-to-remove brown contamination that is a breakdown product of hydroquinone. In practice this extends the cleaning cycle by a factor of five, meaning four out of every five cleaning cycles can be eliminated. Furthermore, you can dispense with toxic cleaning solutions that contain carcinogenic chemicals.

The chemical consumption, which is determined by the re- plenishment rates, is only 900 ml/m2 for the NDT Developer and 1200 ml/m2 for the Fixer. In fact, 10% less can be used when required.

Operation with the one-part X-ray chemicals could not be simpler. Pour the concentrate into the tank, add the appropriate amount of water, stir and it is ready! Of course, a chemicals mixer can be used if desired. No starter or other additives are necessary – this simplifies handling and reduces the supplies needed.

If you have used other chemicals in your current film processor, you only need to give it a thorough cleaning before converting to our chemistry.


- 80% less cleaning: Save cleaning costs and minimize downtime
- Low consumption: 900ml per m² developer, 1200 ml per m² fixer
- Universal use: Including mixed systems of different radiographic equipment and films
- One-part concentrates: No starter or other additives are necessary
- Odorless: Pleasant to use with no offensive smells
- No hazard labels: No transport restrictions – worldwide shipping


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