Danatronics ECHO Software Introduces Auto Calibration
Conventional ultrasonic thickness gages typically use a 2 point calibration process to calibrate to each material. The technique is well-known but does require many key presses and attention to the sequence in which data is entered. Danatronics has dramatically improved this process with our latest software feature. Now, with the advent of Auto Calibration, our ECHO series, when used as thickness gages, can automatically take control of the keypad to fully automate this process. This Patent Pending technique is unique, fast and easy to use! Best of all, this software is free for new purchases and for existing ECHO thickness gage customers. Simply go to the support tab of our website and use data xl to update your ECHO thickness gage.

Here is how Auto Calibration works:

1. Turn on Auto Calibration
2. Set minimum and maximum thickness of your test block
3. Go to Calibration- Auto screen and simply follow the prompts
4. Couple to the thin of your test block, ECHO will beep
5. Couple to thick of your test block, ECHO will beep then calculate the acoustic sounds speed of your test block independent of what the material is such as carbon steel and aluminum
6. All done without pressing any keys

See it in action:

Quotes from those who have first seen it:

"WOW, Amazing, how can I get this on my unit?"
"You have taken the KISS Method to a new level"
"This is just sick"
"Very Nice Indeed"
"Nice work Danatronics Team, who keeps dreaming up these cool features?"

Upcoming show

Be sure to see the new Auto Calibration feature and the rest of our growing product line later this month at the ASNT show in Houston, Texas Oct. 28-30, George C. Brown Convention Center, booth number 203. We will be very well represented with our great staff including: Yogin Patel, Larry Gouchnauer, Courtney Shakespeare, Nicole Hendrickson and Dan Carnevale along with many of our customers, U.S. representatives and International agents. See you in Houston!