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North American Imaging Wins NASA Contract and
These past few months have marked two major developments for NAI Acquisition, LLC dba North American Imaging. In July, the company was awarded a simplified acquisition contract from NASA for one of their flat panel detectors. More recently, they launched their new exo249MGE digital camera.

Founded in 1985, North American Imaging specializes in providing X-ray equipment for medical and industrial purposes. Based out of Camarillo, California, they are the largest independent re-loader of X-ray glassware and image intensifiers in the world. Much of the industrial equipment they develop is used for non-destructive testing (NDT).

For those unfamiliar with NDT, it consists of a wide array of technologies used to evaluate products without opening them up or damaging them. Itís in the same sense that you would use an X-ray in order to determine if a bone has been fractured.

Itís this type of technology that NASA needed from North American Imaging. Their flat panel detector fit the bill for what the space agency was looking for. In total, the opportunity received three offers and the company managed to come out on top of their competition.

Although this is their first major government contract, North American Imaging is no stranger toward supplying the U.S. government with their technology.

"At some point or another, a government agency would contact us looking for equipment," says Industrial Sales Representative, Josh Hunt, "in the industrial X-ray business, a lot of the military branches use NDT."

Over the last five years, North American Imaging was always able to find work when a government agency came knocking. They have even done work with VA hospitals. This is because they had a compliant SAM registration that was managed by US Federal Contractor Registration.

Any business looking to do work with federal, state, or local governments needs to be registered USFCR Senior Acquisition Specialist Marianne Swager was assigned to the company to check up on them for their registrationís renewal and answer any inquiries.

"Josh and Allie would call and set time with me to ask questions about solicitations and terminology," says Marianne, "this is so important when learning the process of government contracting."

As for future prospects in the federal marketplace, North American Imaging hopes to start searching for more opportunities. Theyíre a company that has steadily built up a working relationship with government agencies. Every order or job that a contractor completes contributes to their Past Performance rating. This rating can be equated to a report card in which better grades leads to more work opportunities.

"They understood that this is a long-term goal," says Marianne, "they have won a few contracts that were smaller, and by being persistent, they finally landed a nice-sized contract that we expect will lead to more."

North American Imaging is also proud to announce the launch of their exo249MGE digital camera. The device is designed to be used industrial NDT. It can be applied to upgrade existing analog equipment to provide a better image, resolution, and contrast while saving money for the manufacturer.