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Introduction to Nondestructive Testing
Source: Aerospace Testing International
Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a way to detect and evaluate flaws in materials. Within aerospace NDT plays a vital role in the design, manufacture and maintenance of aircraft. The simplest and most accurate way of testing materials and components is often to test them to destruction. Destructive testing is used in aerospace to determine the physical properties of materials, components and assemblies. It can reveal useful information about characteristics of materials including ductility, tensile strength and fracture toughness.

However, destructive testing is not always possible or desirable when testing parts and materials destined for, or already in use on, aircraft mainly because of their high value.

Instead engineers and technicians use non-destructive testing techniques, equipment and analysis to examine materials and components before they enter service and while they are in service, without destroying them. NDT can also detect flaws and differences in materials that would otherwise be very difficult to detect using destructive methods.

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