Concrete Inspection Firm Compass X-Ray Launches in Los Angeles
Source: PR Newswire
Compass X-Ray™ Services, Inc. is changing the face of the concrete inspection community one x-ray at a time. Not only because it is a woman owned business in construction, but because Compass X-Ray™ has adapted the latest digital medical x-ray technology into the fields of engineering and construction.

Elizabeth Wilson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Compass X-Ray™, and her team are moving the needle in the NDT Construction industry with a passion for safety and a clear vision for propelling digital industrial radiography into the structural marketplace. Elizabeth is a certified Industrial Radiographer and combined with her ground penetrating radar and operations background has taken a special interest in paving the way for other women in the niche NDT construction field.

Compass X-Ray™ utilizes a high definition full digital system to help contractors and engineers find post tension cables, rebar, conduit and other embedments that are often found in concrete. The company uses an ultra-high sensitive detector panel with cesium iodide scintillator which was designed for medical x-ray applications and requires minimal radiation to create an image.

Safety and reducing radiation exposure are two of the main drivers of Compass' technology driven business. The company stays focused on moving the industry away from traditional x-ray methods that use dangerous materials like Iridium and Cobalt and instead utilizes equipment with low scatter radiation. Contractors in cities like Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Diego should be enthusiastic about the much smaller exclusions zones with Compass X-Ray™ compared to that of the traditional isotope and film systems.

The convenience and safety of eliminating radioactive materials and using a switch on, switch off x-ray machine (zero emissions when turned off) has EHS teams requesting digital methods first. The real time image capture is turning the heads of both engineers and contractors alike. Rather than using a dark room to develop images Compass' digital images can be emailed within seconds of taking a shot of the concrete. This convenient feature offers project managers and engineers the immediate image they need to decide about what is embedded.

Compass X-Ray™ is setting themselves apart from the competition in other ways with accuracy and leadership. One example of this is Compass' proprietary (patent pending) calibration method for accurate locating, designed by Dr. Simon James, Chief Technology Officer. Dr. James is a pioneer in the field and states that "The method allows Compass X-Ray to offer the clearest and most accurate images of concrete available on the market today."

John Stewart, industry expert, Radiation Safety Officer and Founder of the American Aerospace Technical Academy commented on the opening of the new business as well. "I'm extremely proud and happy to see a woman owned business in NDT! We need more diversity and representation from women." According to, "Women in the NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) industry are estimated to be outnumbered by men 95 to 5."

Wilson, who is also a local Long Beach resident, says "Compass X-Ray is bringing cutting edge x-ray to the construction market and is leading the way with digital concrete inspection. The industry is finding the technology superior and more reliable than many other methods. It is time for our customers to see everything clearly."

Compass X-Ray™ is proud to be a woman owned business in the greater Los Angeles area. Compass' services are utilized by engineers, plumbers, electrical contractors, subcontractors, concrete service providers, general contractors and safety teams all over California. The company holds WOSB, EDWOSB and WBE(p) Certifications. To read more about Compass X-Ray™ Services, Inc. visit
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